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When he goes, it will remain.

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Many American politicians, jurists, and academics are proud that the United States protects objectionable Speech, says Erich Bleich.

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If you’re gonna be a serious activist in contemporary Russia’s neo-Nazi movement, you do not drink, you do not smoke, and you do not do drugs. You exercise to build physical strength, and, not least, you read in order to train the mind and develop your intellect, writes Johannes Due Enstad about Russia’s neo-Nazi movement.

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Trump’s former adviser is no evil genius. But his reputation as a dangerous figure risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, writes Cas Mudde

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On May 14/15 2018, C-REX, the Centre for Research on Extremism in the Faculty of Social Sciences held a cross-disciplinary conference on ‘Gender and Extremism’ at the University of Oslo.

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Is framing Islam as a ‘bad religion’ inevitable?

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The five-year trial of Beate Zschäpe, the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a neo-Nazi terrorist group, has finally ended with Zschäpe, the principal defendant, receiving a life sentence for her part in ten racially motivated killings.

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Fidesz’s adaptation of their ethno-nationalist playbook has proven to be a recipe for electoral success, says Cathrine Thorleifsson.

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It is a country with an ageing and ever decreasing population, turned in on itself, scared of everything outside, and increasingly inside, its borders, writes Cas Mudde.

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In February 2015, the Counterterrorism and Security Act was passed by the UK Parliament. The Act imposed a legal duty on several public bodies, including higher education institutions (HEIs), to “have due regard to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”, a requirement referred to as the Prevent Duty.

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If research can only be as good as the data on which it is based, then the study of terrorism has been in serious trouble for decades, writes Bart Schuurman.

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 - "but they are taking advantage of new opportunities" says Robert Futrell and Pete Simi.

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While radical-right discourse dominates US politics, far-right leaders haven’t seized this moment, says Cas Mudde.

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Joel Busher and Graham Macklin identifies a number of issues that needs to be addressed for the concepts of ‘reciprocal radicalisation’ and ‘cumulative extremism’ to add value.

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When the limits of democracy and the rule of law for threats and abuse are overstepped, the authorities must react – decisively.

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The radical right party profited from the fact immigration was the number one election issue. But can its breakthrough last? C-REX researcher, Cas Mudde, explains the German election and the rise of AfD.

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As all parties are trying to outflank each other on anti-immigration discourse, the acceptance of a logic of migration crisis has come to dominate the 2018 electoral campaign, says Pietro Castelli Gattinara and Francis O’Connor.

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Why do people leave far-right extremism?  Do they simply tire of the hateful messages?  Is it too difficult to stay attached to a politics that one’s friends and family reject?



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