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    Upcoming events

    08 Dec.
    12:15 PM, Georg Sverdrups hus, Grupperom 7
    08 Dec.
    2:15 PM, The Frisch Centre (Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo) and on Zoom
    08 Dec.
    3:00 PM, Harriet Holters hus: Seminarrom 132 & ZOOM
    09 Dec.


    • Health innovation and entrepreneurship: Apply for admission to the School of Health Innovation course 1 spring 2023 Nov. 30, 2022

      Learn how to commercialize research or ideas into business ventures and how to innovate services in a clinical setting. Apply for admission to the spring course in health innovation and entrepreneurship. The School of Health Innovation covers all costs.

    • New OSIRIS blog: Directed technical change and the resource curse Nov. 18, 2022

      Many countries with abundant natural resources experience lower economic growth than countries with little or no natural resources. In the economics literature this is referred to as the "resource curse". One reason put forward is lack of technological progress. In a recent study, we have examined a related issue, that is, whether a resource curse may occur due to the wrong type of technological progress, write Greaker, Heggedal and Rosendahl.

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