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    • - Vi undersøker hvordan omstillingen kan gå raskere Nov. 29, 2021

      Det sier INTRANSIT-forsker Allan Dahl Andersen. Les mer om omstilling og det grønne skifte i disse to Apollon-intervjuene med Andersen og Professor Taran Thune, senterleder i INTRANSIT.

    • Older-looking brains linked to lower birth weight and genes Nov. 11, 2021

      In brain scans of almost 1500 people throughout Europe, researchers of the Lifebrain consortium found that people with “older-looking” brains had both lower birth weight and genes for smaller brains, compared with those with normal ageing brains.

      Both these factors are present early in life, indicating that your “brain age” is mostly related to early life influences and not so much on events that happen later in life.

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