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With a PhD from IIES, Harstad taught at MEDS/Kellogg 2004-12. He received an ERC Starting grant 2012 and a Consolidator grant 2016. He is an editor of JEEA and, from May, 2021, of RESTUD.

■ Curriculum Vitae: CV (pdf).

Academic interests

Theory & political economics of the environment (link to survey):
Conservation and supply-side environmental policy
Dynamic games of emissions, technology, and treaties
Political economics of agreements and federalism
Political economics of regulation


Technology and Time Inconsistency
Journal of Political Economy 128(7), 2020: 2653-89.

The Political Economy of Weak Treaties
with Marco Battaglini
Journal of Political Economy 128(2), 2020: 544–90.

Gridlock and Inefficient Policy Instruments 
with David Austen-Smith, Wiola Dziuda, Antoine Loeper
Theoretical Economics 14(4), 2019: 1483–1534.

The case for a supply-side climate treaty
w. Asheim, Fæhn, Nyborg, Greaker, Hagem, Hoel, Lund, Rosendahl.
Science Policy Forum 365(6451), 2019.

Compliance Technology and Self-enforcing Agreements
with Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo
Journal of the European Economic Association 17(1), 2019: 1-30.

Conservation Contracts and Political Regimes
with Torben Mideksa
Review of Economic Studies 84(4), 2017: 1708-34.

Private Politics and Public Regulation
with Georgy Egorov
Review of Economic Studies 84(4), 2017: 1652-82.

Participation and Duration of Environmental Agreements
with Marco Battaglini
Journal of Political Economy 124(1), 2016: 160-204.

The Dynamics of Climate Agreements
Journal of the European Economic Association 14(3), 2016: 719-52.

The Market for Conservation and Other Hostages
Journal of Economic Theory 166(November), 2016: 124-51.

Experimentation in Federal Systems
with Steve Callander
Quarterly Journal of Economics 130(2), 2015: 951-1002.

Buy Coal! A Case for Supply-Side Environmental Policy
Journal of Political Economy 120(1), 2012: 77-115
Reprinted in Copeland (Ed.) Recent Developments in Trade and the

Climate Contracts: A Game of Emissions, Investments, Negotiations,
and Renegotiations

Review of Economic Studies 79(4), 2012: 1527-57
Reprinted in Finus & Caparros (Eds.) Game Theory and
International Environmental Cooperation: Essential Readings.

Bribes, Lobbying, and Development
with Jakob Svensson
American Political Science Review 105(1), 2011: 46-63
Reprinted in Dutta and Aidt (Eds.), Corruption and Economic
. The International Library of Critical Writings in

Trading for the Future: Signaling in Permit Markets
with Gunnar Eskeland
Journal of Public Economics 94(9-10), 2010: 749-60.

Strategic Delegation and Voting Rules
Journal of Public Economics 94(1-2), 2010: 102-113.

Do Side Payments Help? Collective Decisions and Strategic

Journal of the European Economic Association P&P 6(2-3), 2008:

Harmonization and Side Payments in Political Cooperation
American Economic Review 97(3), 2007: 871-89.

* Organizational Form and the Market for Talent
Journal of Labor Economics 25(3), 2007: 581-611.

Flexible Integration? Mandatory and Minimum Participation Rules
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 108(4), 2006: 683-702.

Majority Rules and Incentives
Quarterly Journal of Economics 120(4), 2005: 535-68.

Under review / R&Rs

The Conservation Multiplier. October 2020.

The Choice of Certifier in Endogenous Markets,
w. J. Bizzotto. November 2020.

Contracts and Induced Institutional Change,
w. T. Mideksa. September 2020.

Trade and Trees. October 2020.

A Theory of Pledge-and-Review Bargaining. October 2020.

Pledge-and-Review Bargaining: From Kyoto to Paris. June 2020.

Policies and Instruments for Self-enforcing Agreements,
w.  F. Lancia and A. Russo. January 2021.

Informative Activism vs. Lobbying, w. G. Egorov (coming soon).

Commitment vs. Learning for Present-Biased Agents (coming soon).

Book in progress

Climate Contracts, in progress (MIT Press).

Book chapters

3 recent articles are reprinted in books (see CV)

Improving Paris: Credibility, Technology, and Conservation
Coping with the Climate Crisis (Arezki et al., Eds.), 2018
Columbia University Press.

Political Treaties as Incomplete Contracts
The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics
(Aghion et al., Eds.), 2016, Oxford University Press.

Games and Resources
with Matti Liski.
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental
2013, vol. 2: 299-308.

How to Negotiate and Update Climate Agreements
Post-Kyoto International Climate Policy (Aldy and Stavins, Eds.)
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

* Book review of Environmental Markets: A Property Rights Approach
(by Anderson and Libecap)
Journal of Economic Literature 53(3), 2015.

Popular (Financial Times)

Trade deals could combat Brazil’s Amazon deforestation, FT, 2019

Pay countries to keep their fossil fuels in the ground, FT, 2013.

Trade could hold the key to a climate deal, FT, 2009.



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