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Picture of Danial Ali Akbari Ali Akbari, Danial Assistant Professor
Picture of Johannes Hveem Alsvik Alsvik, Johannes Hveem Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Macroeconomics
Picture of Asbjørn Goul Bjerrum Andersen Andersen, Asbjørn Goul Bjerrum PhD candidate 46536728
Picture of Martin Eckhoff Andresen Andresen, Martin Eckhoff Tenure-track associate professor 40239166 Econometrics, Income Employment and Welfare, Economics
Picture of Geir B. Asheim Asheim, Geir B. Professor +47 22855498 Economics, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Resources Energy and Environment, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Oda Asbjørnsen Aune Aune, Oda Asbjørnsen On leave until August 2023 Student and academic administration, Student councelling, Master commisions, Communication
Picture of Manudeep Bhuller Bhuller, Manudeep Associate Professor +47 22845973 Labor Economics, Economics of Crime, Economics of Education
Picture of Hilde Bojer Bojer, Hilde Economics
Picture of Kjell Arne Brekke Brekke, Kjell Arne Professor +47 22841169 +47 48 29 53 84 Economics, Resources Energy and Environment, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Vidar Christiansen Christiansen, Vidar Professor emeritus +47 22855121 Economic Policy, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Dammen, Ida Doctoral Research Fellow
Datsenko, Ruslana Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Macroeconomics, Economic Policy, Finance
Dragesæt Tomter, Håkon Andreas Research assistant Digital assistant, Teaching
Dugstad Gerhardsen, Gina Research assistant INTPART II
Picture of Fernanda Winger Eggen Eggen, Fernanda Winger Lecturer Economics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Labor Economics
Picture of Sondre Elstad Elstad, Sondre Doctoral Research Fellow entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate finance, quantitative economics
Picture of Tone Enger Enger, Tone Adviser +47 22855115 PhD, Exam arranging
Fedorenkova, Anastasia Research assistant Maintenance
Picture of Jon H. Fiva Fiva, Jon H. Adjunct Professor +4791193403 Economic Policy, Political Economy, Income Employment and Welfare, Economics
Picture of Erlend Magnussen Fleisje Fleisje, Erlend Magnussen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41209309
Picture of Nils Christian Framstad Framstad, Nils Christian Associate Professor +47 22855151 90163893 Economics, Mathematics, Money Credit and Finance, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Finn Førsund Førsund, Finn Professor Emeritus +47 22855132 Economics, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Mikkel Gandil Gandil, Mikkel Assistant Professor +45 28 73 67 69 Economics of education, social mobility, applied microeconometrics, urban economics
Picture of Harald Goldstein Goldstein, Harald Associate professor emeritus +47-22855136 Economics
Graabak, Jakob Doctoral Research Fellow