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Department board

The Department Board is responsible for staking out overarching goals, priorities, and strategies for the Department. The board adopts the Department's yearly plans and budget, and oversees and approves accounts and annual reports. The Department Board is chaired by the Head of Department and consists of 9 members, of which 2 are student representatives. The board meets 5-6 times each year.

The current board is elected for the period 2016 - 2019.

Board Members

Steinar Holden

Halvor Mehlum
Vice Chair

Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
Representative for permanent academic staff 

Kjetil Storesletten
Representative for permanent academic staff

Tarjei Havnes
Associate Professor
Representative for permanent academic staff (on leave 2017)

Andreas Steinvall Myhre​
Temporary academic staff 

Sofie Kjernli-Wijnen​
Administrative staff

Student representatives
Andreas Haga Raavand and Ingvild Mageli



Deputy Board members

Permanent academic staff
1. Kjell Arne Brekke (deputy for Tarjei Havnes)
2. Tone Ognedal
3. Ragnar Nymoen
4. Diderik Lund
5. Karine Nyborg

Temporary academic staff
1. Hans Holter
2. Nicolai Ellingsen

Administrative staff
1. Tone Enger
2. Mari Strønstad Øverås

Student representatives
Maren Langvik EIlertsen