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Election of Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department

The election of the Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department and members and deputy members to the Department Board for the period of January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2023 takes place this autumn.

The duty of the Election Committee. Proposal of candidates

The main task of the Election Committee is to find one or more suitable candidates for the role of Head of Department and Deputy Head of the Department. The leader of the Election Committee has been in dialogue with professors and associate professors at the Department and based on this process the Committee is proposing Steinar Holden as Head of Department and Halvor Mehlum as Deputy Head of Department. Both have given their consent.

No alternative candidates were proposed within the deadline September 18.

Proposal of candidates

All who have the right to vote can propose candidates

In order to propose candidates the following requirements must be met:

- The proposed candidates must hold a permanent academic position of at least 50 %

- The proposal must be signed by at least five people who have the right to vote

- The proposed candidates must have given their consent

- All proposals must include both the candidate to the position of Head of Department and to the position of Deputy Head of Department

Anyone considering to propose candidates or who wants more information about the election process is asked to contact the Election Committee's leader Kjell Arne Brekke. The Committee is obligated to provide information to all who request this. The Committee will also assist others who may wish to propose candidates as the regulations of the Faculty of Social Services allows for, but has no plans for suggesting additional candidates.

The right to vote

All who are employed in a permanent position of minimum 50 % at the Department have the right to vote.

Furthermore, all who are engaged in a temporary position on a continuous basis of minimum 50 % have the right to vote provided they are employed for at least one year. All students who are admitted to one of the programmes at the Department also have the right to vote.

Schedule and deadlines

September 18: Deadline for proposing alternative candidates as Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department

September 25 - October 15: Proposals for members to the Department Boad may be submitted. The final deadline is October 15

Around week 45 - 46 (4 Nov - 15 Nov): The electronic election takes place.

If there is only one proposal for Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department, plus members and deputy members to the Department Board, a simplified election may be held. The current Board of Department will then pass, or not pass, the proposal based on a simple majority at the Board meeting on December 04.


Election Regulations for the University of Oslo (Norwegian)

Regulations for the appointment and election of heads of faculties and departments (Norwegian)

Administration regulations for the Department of Economics (Norwegian)

Election Committee

Professor Kjell Arne Brekke (leader)

Associate Professor Manudeep Bhuller

Senior Executive Officer Tone Enger

André Wilhelm Auke (student representative)

Electoral Board

Professor Ragnar Nymoen (leader)

Doctoral Research Fellow Vegard S. Wiborg

Senior Executive Officer Tone Enger

Kaja Dørum Haug (student representative)

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