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Governing and administrative rules for the Department of Economics

Adopted by the Faculty of Social Sciences 10.11.03. Last revised 19.11.2014.

Please note that the Norwegian version of these rules are authoritative.

§ 1 The Deparment's governing bodies

The Department has:

  1. A Department board
  2. A Head of Department
  3. A deputy for the Head of Department (Vice Head)
  4. An administration, led by the Head of Administration
  5. A Programme Committee for the Study Programmes in Economics

§ 2 The Department Board

§ 2.1 Jurisdiction

The Department Board is the highest governing body of the Department of Economics. The Department Board is tasked with determining overarching goals, priorities, and strategies for the Department within the framework of current laws, regulations, and rules, as well as decisions made by the University- or Faculty Board. 

The Department Board also performs its duties through decisions on:

  • Overarching plans, principles, and priorities for the Department.
  • Long-term plans, especially concerning strategy of research, education, and teaching.
  • Yearly plans and budget
  • The internal organization of the Department into sections, research groups etc. within the gudelines provided by higher bodies.

The Department Board is responsible for following up the Department's work through:

  • Approval of the budget and annual report

In addition the Department Board shall:

  • Provide the Faculty with suggestions for the election committee for the election of Head of Department/Vice Head, subject to University rules and Faculty guidelines.
  • Make recommendations for hirings where the Faculty is the hiring authority

All decisions made by the Department Board are done so by delegation from and on behalf of the University Board.

§ 2.2 Composition

The Department Board is chaired by the Head of Department with the Vice Head as deputy, and has 9 members:

  • Head of Department
  • Vice Head of Department (Deputy chair)
  • 3 representantives from the Department permanent academic staff
  • 1 representative from the Department temporary academic staff
  • 1 representative from the Department administration
  • 2 student representatives

§ 3 Elections

§ 3.1 Election of Head of Department and Vice Head of Department

Election of Head of Department/Vice Head occurs simultaneously, unless the Department Board decides that Vice Head is appointed by the Head of Department. Valget av instituttleder/nestleder skjer elektronisk med den vekting av stemmerettsgruppene som er fastsatt av universitetet.

§ 3.2 Election of representatives to the Department Board

Election of representatives from the various groups are founded in the University's election rules. The Department Board may decide if representatives from the various groups is undertaken by ballot or postal election. Student representatives can be elected during an election meeting.

At least four deputy representatives must be elected for permantent academic staff, and at least two deputy representatives must be elected from the other groups. The incumbency period for permanent academic staff and administrative staff are four years. The incumbency for temporary acadmic staff and student representatives are one year.

A representative or deputy representative must resign if his or her affiliation to the group or the faculty ceases.

§ 4 Head of Department

The Head of Department is the Department's highest position. The head is responsible for managing the Department in accordance with the guidelines set my the University Board, the plans laid out by the Faculty, and instructions from the Dean, as well as decisions made in within the Department Board. The Head has the overarching responsibility and authority with respect to all tasks not explicitly within the Department Board's jurisdiction, and generally has the executive authority to decide upon ongoing matters.

The Head of Department is also chair of the Department Board. The Head of Department is responsible for preparing agenda items with suggestions for resolutions in matters within the Department Board's jurisdiction. (see § 2). The Head of Department is responsible for enacting resolutions approved by the Department Board.

The Head of Department is responsible for fostering networks, sharing information, and maintaining contact with external partners..

The Head of Department may be given duties on behalf of the Faculty.

§ 5 Vice Head of Department

The Vice Head of Department assumes Head's responsibilities and authority in the event of extended absence. The Vice Head is also deputy chair of the Department Board

§ 6 Head of Administration

The Head of Adminstration oversees the Department's administrative and managerial tasks in consultation with and delegation from the Head of Department

§7 Programme committee for the study programmes in Economics

The Department creates a Programme Committee for the study programmes in Economics.

The Programme Committee has the coordinating responsibility for the study offerings within the guidelines of the Regulations on Studies and Exams at the University of Oslo. The Programme Committee shall concern itself with the academic framework, important priorities and procedures for quality assurance and development of the study programmes. Outside of this scope the programme committee may delegate its tasks to the Programme Head. Decisions relating to day-to-day business shall be delegated to the Programme Head.

The Programme Committte shall be composed in such a way that student representation is ensured.

The Programme Committee reports to the Head of the Department. The Head of Department appoints Programme Head and the members of the Programme Council.

§ 8 Entry into force

These rules enter into force 19.11.2014.

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