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The Innovation Group

The innovation group at TIK is an internationally leading research group within studies of research and innovation. We address issues connected to science, technology development and innovation in broad sense, and the impact such activities have on economic and societal development.

Four main research themes

  • Science and innovation policy
  • Societal and economic effects of R&D and innovation
  • Management and organization of R&D and innovation
  • Industrial transformations and transitions

Research projects and results

The innovation group hosts two centers of excellence: 




The Innovation group are responsible to a large portfolio of research projects funded by the European Union, the Norwegian Research Council, and private and public organizations.

Education, communication and collaboration

The innovation group is responsible for teaching and supervision of master students working on innovation related topics in TIK’s two master programs.

We also offer training at the PhD level, in collaboration with NORSI. At any given time, the innovation group has about 20 PhD students.

We organize seminars regularly and are active participants in the public debate.

We frequently work in interdisciplinary projects and involve industry and stakeholders in our research projects.


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