Participants in The Innovation Group

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Allan Dahl Andersen Associate Professor +47 22841615 Innovation, Innovation systems, Energy policy, Infrastructures, Science and innovation policy
Markus Michaelsen Bugge Associate Professor +47 22841640 +47-97665242 Innovation, innovation systems, transformative change, socio-technical transitions, mission-oriented innovation, indicators, economic geography, public sector innovation, digitization, bioeconomy, innovation policy, governance
Fulvio Castellacci Head of Department +47 22841628 Economics of innovation, R&D and innovation policy, Economic growth and development, Innovation in industries, Innovation in firms, Well-being
Dimitra Chasanidou Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841649 Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation systems
Lars Martel Antoine Coenen Adjunct Professor Innovation, Innovation systems, Sustainability Transitions, Economic geography
Jørgen Finstad Doctoral Research Fellow
Magnus Gulbrandsen Professor +47 22841621 Innovation, University-industry relations, Commercialisation of research, Science policy, Research impact
Ingrid Helene Johnsen Adviser +47 22841603
Joar Kvamsås Doctoral Research Fellow
Hilde Andrea Nykamp Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841617 932 85 877 Innovation, Innovation systems, Climate change, Energy policy, Renewable energy
Tercio Avila Pinho Filho Student
Frauke Gerdes Rohden Doctoral Research Fellow
Helge Ryggvik Researcher +47 22841629 Economic history, Energy policy, Environment Health and Safety, Brazil
Trust Saidi Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841639
Artur Santoalha
Erlend Osland Simensen Researcher Innovation, Renewable energy
Eili Skrivervik
Nhat Strøm-Andersen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845786 Innovation, Bioeconomy, Food Industry, Sustainability Transitions, Strategic Management
Elisabeth M.C. Svennevik Project Manager +47 22841630 Mobility, Innovation
Julia Szulecka Researcher +47 22856082 Innovation, Sustainability Transitions, Environmental policy, Food Industry, Bioeconomy
Taran Mari Thune Professor +47 22841634 Innovation, Innovation process, Innovation systems, Management of Innovation
Kejia Yang Postdoctoral Fellow Sustainability Transitions, Energy Transition, Science Technology and innovation policy, socio-technical system change, Transformative innovation policy, China