Participants in The Innovation Group

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Taran Mari Thune Professor +47 22841634 +4793069594 (mob) Innovation, Innovation process, Innovation systems, Management of Innovation
Magnus Gulbrandsen Professor +47 22841621 Innovation, University-industry relations, Commercialisation of research, Science policy, Research impact
Olav Wicken Professor Emeritus +47 22841619 Science and innovation policy, Innovation systems, History of technology and industry, Innovation
Jan Fagerberg +47 22841610 Innovation Studies, Innovation Policy, Competitiveness, Economic Growth, Economic Development
Jens Hanson Researcher +47 22841635 Innovation, Energy policy, Innovation systems, Renewable energy
Allan Dahl Andersen Associate Professor +47 22841615 Innovation, Innovation systems, Energy policy, Infrastructures, Science and innovation policy
Håkon Endresen Normann Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845885 +4795142524 (mob) +47 951 42524 Innovation, Environment and Energy, Energy policy, Innovation systems
Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841660 Innovation, Organisational perspective, Industry transformations
Fulvio Castellacci Head of Department +47 22841628 Economics of innovation, R&D and innovation policy, Economic growth and development, Innovation in industries, Innovation in firms, Well-being
Dimitra Chasanidou Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841649 Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation systems
Monica Guillen-Royo +47 22841608 Well-being, Innovation
Gry Cecilie Lunder Høiland Researcher Implementation process, Innovation process, Management of Innovation, organisational sociology, work and welfare, complex organisations, NAV
Alina Kontareva Doctoral Research Fellow Innovation
Joar Kvamsås Doctoral Research Fellow
Marie Byskov Lindberg +47 22841611 + 47 92030043 Innovation, Energy transition, Policy mixes, Climate Policy, Climate change, Climate Politics
Tuukka Rainer Reinhold Mäkitie
Tércio Pinho Filho Doctoral Research Fellow
Trust Saidi Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841639 +4722841639 (mob)
Artur Santoalha Postdoctoral Fellow +351916728247 Innovation
Henrik Schwabe +47 22855675 +47 47380124 (mob) Innovation
Erlend Osland Simensen Researcher Innovation, Renewable energy
Eili Skrivervik Doctoral Research Fellow
Nhat Strøm-Andersen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845786 Innovation, Bioeconomy, Food Industry, Sustainability Transitions, Strategic Management
Frauke Rohden Doctoral Research Fellow
Elisabeth M.C. Svennevik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841630 +4792660825 (mob) Mobility, Innovation
Julia Szulecka Researcher +47 22856082 innovation
Silje Maria Tellmann Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841608
Maria Tsouri +47 22854070 Innovation, Economic Development, Innovation systems
Lars Wenaas PhD Candidate +47 40226694 (mob) Open Access, Open Science, scientific publishing, Impact, Science policy
Kari-Elisabeth Vambeseth Skogen PhD Candidate Innovation
Simen G. Enger PhD Candidate Innovation
Jørgen Aarhaug Student 48 95 72 28 (mob)
Davide Francesco Consoli Researcher (20%) - Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture