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Phone +47 22841621
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus blokk B 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1108 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

I am interested in how knowledge is produced and how it comes into use, including how this process is organised, mediated, managed and promoted in policy. My research topics include the role of public research organisations in innovation, the process of impact, commercialisation of research and university-industry relations, the special characteristics of applied research institutes, internationalisation of R&D and innovation, quality in science and the organisation and funding of research work in different settings. I lead the Innovation group at TIK.

Background and work experience

I hold a Master's degree (1992) and a PhD in industrial economics and technology management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2000). In 1994 I started working as researcher - and after some years became senior researcher and research director - at the research institute NIFU, where I maintain a 20% adjunct position. I have also been guest professor at the Copenhagen Business School (2002-03) and senior research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (2007-08). I am board member of the technology transfer office Inven2, chairman of the board of the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI) and chairman of the board of ARENA Centre for European Studies. For two years I was part of the executive committee of the European EU-SPRI forum on science and innovation policy.


My main current project is the Oslo Institute for Research on the Impact of Science (OSIRIS), an 8-year centre funded by the Research Council of Norway's Forinnpol programme. I am also involved in projects and work on innovation, research and policy issues related to the petroleum supplier industry, telecom, healthcare and printed media. The majority of my research projects have been competitive grants from various programmes in the Research Council of Norway, but I have also led and been involved in projects funded by the EU, by Norwegian ministries, the Nordic Council of Ministers and other organisations.

Courses and supervision

I am coordinator of the TIK4021 course in innovation which is and advanced course offered each spring semester. Normally I also teach in one or several of the modules in the TIK4001 introductory master level course. I have twice coordinated the TIK9021 PhD course in economics of innovation, and I coordinate the TIK9024 course on "Research, innovation and impact". In addition I give single lectures in master and PhD level courses at the University of Oslo and at other institutions. My PhD students (seven per autumn 2017) do interesting and valuable work within a range of different areas under the broad heading of science and innovation studies.


The list of publications below is taken directly from the Norwegian publication registry. A more complete overview of scientific publication can be found on my Scholar Google page. I publish popular science articles and shorter pieces in the Norwegian magazine Forskningspolitikk ("Research policy"), in newspapers and elsewhere, and I regularly make invited presentations for various organisations interested in science and innovation issues.

Tags: Innovation, University-industry relations, Commercialisation of research, Science policy, Research impact
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