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SIVAC - Supplier Industry and Value Creation (completed)

SIVAC is studying the Norwegian petroleum-related supply industry and its impact on innovation in the oil and gas sector and value creation in the Norwegian economy.

About the project

SIVAC adressed the development of the Norwegian petroleum supply industry. It was based on an innovation system perspective, which means that we consider the interaction between different actors as a key driver for innovation and value creation over time.

Analyses of resource-based economic sectors, such as oil and gas, show that productivity and growth over time is dependent on innovation processes in technologically oriented supporting or enabling industries. SIVAC emphasizes this perspective and will empirically investigate collaboration between the supply industry and the petroleum industry nationally and internationally.

With increasing international exports of petroleum-related technological expertise, it is also important to document how technological innovations, developed in collaboration with international partners increase innovation and value creation on the Norwegian continental shelf. Finally, SIVAC will also examine how technology transfer from the oil and gas sector contributes to the industrial diversification through in depth studies of selected technological development networks.

Financing, cooperation and final report

The SIVAC project was funded by the Petromaks programme in the Norwegian Research Council.

SIVAC was conducted in collaboration between the Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) at University of Oslo, IRIS/University of Stavanger, Universidade Candido Mendes in Brazil, and Aker Solutions.

SIVAC was completed in February 2019. An overview of the results is available in the final report.

For further information contact Professor Taran Thune

Tags: Innovation systems, Innovation, oil and gas
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