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Phone +47 22841615
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus blokk B 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1108 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Department of Education (Student)

Academic interests

Broadly put, Allan’s basic interest is the dynamics of diversity across time and space in ‘the wealth and poverty of nations’. Focus is on processes of structural transformations and economic development where accumulation of new knowledge and technology are the main enabling factors. Collectively (network) and individually (organization) knowledge accumulation strongly interacts with wider social, institutional and organizational innovations which implies that a systems approach is needed to grasp such processes. The theoretical anchor for approaching these topics is therefore the systems of innovation framework which is based on evolutionary economics and institutional theory. The key challenge thus is to understand how and under which circumstances innovation systems emerge and transform, and explore policy implications of this.

Within this broad research program, Allan is particularly interested in:

  • Innovation dynamics in natural-resource based industries
  • Development and diffusion of renewable energy technologies in context of climate change
  • The role of infrastructures in low-carbon transitions (transmission)
  • Foresight as a systemic, participatory and strategic policy-making tool for guiding innovation-system transformations
  • Science, Technology and Innovation policy
  • Inclusive innovation


Allan Dahl Andersen has a bachelor in economics from Aalborg University. From the same university he has a master degree in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic dynamics (MIKE). He has an additional master degree (cum laude) in economics from Universiteit van Amsterdam with a major in development economics and a minor in institutional economics. Allan did his PhD in Economics of Innovation with the IKE-group at Aalborg University. His PhD work centered around the role of natural resources in economic development, theoretical issues of building and transforming systems of innovation, and analyzing the evolution of the sugarcane-biofuel industry in Brazil as a (sectoral) natural-resource based innovation system.

After his PhD Allan worked one and half year at the Technical University of Denmark as a Postdoctoral fellow where he worked on exploring and outlining the conceptual linkages between technology foresight and the innovation-system approach. At the same time Allan Started working part-time for the Globelics Secretariat, Aalborg University, together with Bengt-Ake Lundvall, Björn Johnson, Rasmus Lema and others. The nature of the work is administrative, organizational and academic, and aims at forging strong and formal structures around the Globelics community to facilitate its continuing prosperity. In late 2012 Allan started working here at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture, Oslo University, where he is employed as a postdoctoral fellow.


Allan is employed at the RenTrans project which aims at analyzing how Norway is affected by a potential European low carbon transition, and developing strategies for how Norway may beneficially participate in this process. Allan’s work has two main tracks. One explores what challenges electricity infrastructure (notably transmission systems) poses in various low carbon scenarios and for the development and diffusion of renewable energy technologies in Norway. This concerns both domestic upgrading and expansion, and stronger connections to Europe. The other track concerns the interactions between incumbent energy actors and emergence of new renewable energy technologies. A pressing issue is to understand what role incumbent actors can play and are playing in shaping the low carbon transition path in a Norwegian context.


Within the Master-level course “Innovation and Global Challenges” (TIK4021) Allan teaches on the module “Innovation and sustainability: energy, climate change and natural resources”.


Tags: Science and innovation policy, Innovation systems, Innovation, Energy policy, Infrastructures


Andersen, A.D. and Andersen, P. D. (forthcoming). “Exploring Sector Innovation-System Foresight in Brazil and South Korea: (re)building competences for innovation system transformation”. Department of Management Engineering, Danish Technical University.

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Andersen, A. D. and Johnson, B. (2010). ”Natural resource-based Development and the inadequacy of fundamentalism in development theory”. International Schumpeter Society Conference 2010.

Andersen, A. D. (2009). ”Institutions, Innovation and Development – A Comment on Erik Reinert’s Quality Index”. Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University, Working Paper Series, No. 5. ISBN 9788791646348.

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