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Phone +47 22841615
Visiting address Sognsveien 77 0855 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1108 Blindern 0317 Oslo
Other affiliations Institutt for pedagogikk (Student)

Academic interests

In his work, Allan studies innovation and industrial change processes associated with broader societal challenges with particular attention to sustainability transitions. Allan focuses on the interaction of technology, actor strategies, policy, politics, society and culture. This concerns both the emergence of new technological fields as well as the transformation of established technological systems.

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Allan Dahl Andersen has a bachelor in economics from Aalborg University. From the same university he has a master degree in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic dynamics (MIKE). He has an additional master degree (cum laude) in economics from Universiteit van Amsterdam with a major in development economics and a minor in institutional economics. Allan did his PhD in Economics of Innovation with the IKE-group at Aalborg University. His PhD work centered around the role of natural resources in economic development, theoretical issues of building and transforming systems of innovation, and analyzing the evolution of the sugarcane-biofuel industry in Brazil as a (sectoral) natural-resource based innovation system.


Within the Master-level course “Innovation and Global Challenges” (TIK4021) Allan teaches on the module “Innovation and sustainability transitions".


Tags: Innovation, Innovation systems, Energy policy, Infrastructures, Science and innovation policy

Selected publications

Andersen, A. D., Steen, M., Mäkitie, T., Hanson, J., Thune, T. M., & Soppe, B. (2020). The role of inter-sectoral dynamics in sustainability transitions: A comment on the transitions research agenda. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 34, 348-351. doi:

Andersen, A. D., & Gulbrandsen, M. (2020). The innovation and industry dynamics of technology phase-out in sustainability transitions: Insights from diversifying petroleum technology suppliers in Norway. Energy Research & Social Science, 64(June). doi:

Andersen, A. D., & Wicken, O. (2020). Making sense of how the natural environment shapes innovation and industry dynamics: Implications for policy, sustainability challenges, and research. Innovation and Development. doi:10.1080/2157930X.2020.1770975

Andersen, A. D., & Markard, J. (2020). Multi-technology interaction in socio-technical transitions: How recent dynamics in HVDC technology can inform transition theories. Technological Forecasting & Social Change.

Lindberg, M. B., Markard, J., & Andersen, A. D. (2019). Policies, actors and sustainability transition pathways: A study of the EU’s energy policy mix. Research Policy, 48(10), 103668. doi:

Mäkitie, T., Andersen, A.D., Hanson, J., Norman, H., and Thune, T. (2018). “Established sectors expediting clean technology industries? The Norwegian oil and gas sector's influence on offshore wind power”. Journal of Cleaner Production 177.

Andersen, A.D., Marìn, A., and Simensen, E. O. (2018). “Innovation in natural resource-based industries: a pathway to development? Introduction to special issue”. Innovation and Development, 8(1).

Schlaile, M.; Urmetzer, S.; Blok, V.; Andersen, A. D.; Timmermans, J.; Mueller, M.; Fagerberg, J.; and Pyka, A. (2017). “Innovation Systems for Transformations towards Sustainability? Taking the Normative Dimension Seriously”. Sustainability 9(12).

Andersen, A. D. and Johnson, Björn (2015). “Low-carbon development and inclusive innovation systems”. Innovation and Development, 5(2).

Andersen, A.D. (2015). “A functions approach to Innovation System building in the ‘South’ – the pre-proalcool evolution of the sugarcane and biofuel industry in Brazil”. Innovation and Development, 5(1).

Andersen, A. D.  (2014). “No transition without transmission: HVDC electricity infrastructure as an enabler for renewable energy?” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

Andersen, A.D. and Andersen, P. D. (2014). "Innovation System Foresight", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 88.

Andersen, A.D. (2012). ”Towards a new approach to natural resources and development: the role of learning, innovation and linkage dynamics”, International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp.291–324.

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