About the Centre

TIK represents nearly twenty years of groundbreaking research, education and research communication in

 • Science and Technology Studies (STS)

 • Innovation studies

The Centre consists of approximately 35 staff members and offers postgraduate education (Masters and PhD) including the European master program in Science and Technology Studies ESST.

TIK participates in a number of international research networks and a most of TIK research is funded by the Norwegian research council and the EU framework programmes.


Postal address

Pb. 1108 Blindern

Visiting address (Map)

Eilert Sundt building, 5th floor
Moltke Moes vei 31
0851 Oslo

Front Office (office 517)

Opening hours mon-fri: 10.00-15.00.

Phone: 22 84 16 24. E-mail: info@tik.uio.no


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