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The Centre for the study of innovation policy for industrial transformation, sustainability and digitalization (INTRANSIT) focuses on understanding how the Norwegian economy can be made smarter and more sustainable through industrial transformation.

We explore this question with a broad multidisciplinary approach and study different levels of the transformation processes – from analysing firm behaviour in transitions, via technological development and diffusion, to studying transformation policies. Our research focuses on transformation process in four important Norwegian sectors; the energy sector, the maritime sector, the industrial sectors (processing and manufacturing), and the bio-economy.

You can read more about our research, meet our researchers, and learn more about the Centre and its partners by following the links below.

INTRANSIT is an 8-year research centre (2019-2026) funded by the Research Council of Norway.



  • Bildet kan inneholde: gjøre, magenta, sirkel, fersken, mønster. 'Energikildene vi bør satse pengene på'

    Senterleder Taran Thune har gjestet programmet Ekko på P2. I panel med Bjørn Samset (CICERO) og Thina Saltvedt (NORDEA) snakker hun om 'Energikildene vi bør satse pengene på'.

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