INTRANSIT aims to develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge on the role of industries and industrial change in sustainability transitions. We explore questions like: How can we foster industrial transformation towards a smarter and more sustainable Norwegian economy? What are the most important barriers and drivers of industrial transformation? What is the role of incumbent industries in transitions, and to what extent is the growth of new industrial niches connected to the diversification of exiting industries?

We focus on transformations of four key Norwegian sectors; the maritime sector, the manufacturing and processing industries, the energy sector, and the bio-economy. INTRANSIT’s work cuts across a variety of research fields, theoretical perspectives, empirical settings, and technologies. Our team includes researchers from a range of academic backgrounds, including economics, innovation studies, geography, organizational studies, sustainability studies and more. We are particularly proud of our growing team of young researchers.

We have divided our work into five research streams. You can explore each research stream individually to get an overview of INTRANSIT’s research.

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Ongoing work

Our ongoing work engages with all of INTRANSIT's focal sectors and explores a wide range of research questions, theoretical frameworks and empirical settings. This includes exploring the dynamics between sustainability and digitalization (RS4), studying how entrants and incumbents collaborate in sustainability transitions (RS3), identifying socio-technical drivers and barriers for decarbonization with CCS (RS2), assessing ongoing sustainability efforts in various sectors, including shipping, maritime transport and aquaculture (RS1 & RS2), and much more.

We employ and elaborate on several theoretical perspectives and frameworks, including innovation systems, transition studies, organizational studies.

INTRANSIT in 1.5 minutes

The kick-off seminar in May 2019 offered the opportunity to present to stakeholders, user partners and guest exactly which questions INTRANSIT aims to answer over the next 8 years. Watch the main researchers explain their focus areas and interests in the video below.




"The main questions I am working on is how new firms emerge, how they collaborate and interact with existing industry actors, and how these interactions can help stimulate new industries."

- Birthe Soppe, DIG.

"The economy will transform, and we need to transform not just into a more digital technology, but also a more sustainable technology."

- Koen Frenken, University of Utrecht.