INTRANSIT aims to develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge on the role of industries and industrial change in sustainability transitions. The centre has a matrix-design where we combine empirical analyses of transformation processes in core Norwegian industries, with thematic analyses that cuts across all sectors.



INTRANSIT in 1.5 minutes

The kick-off seminar in May 2019 offered the opportunity to present to stakeholders, user partners and guest exactly which questions INTRANSIT aims to answer over the next 8 years. Watch the main researchers explain their focus areas and interests in the video below.




"The main questions I am working on is how new firms emerge, how they collaborate and interact with existing industry actors, and how these interactions can help stimulate new industries."

- Birthe Soppe, DIGENT.

"The economy will transform, and we need to transform not just into a more digital technology, but also a more sustainable technology."

- Koen Frenken, University of Utrecht.