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Cultural and political participation

The study of cultural participation is about how people construct and interpret reality and act in contact with other people.

As in other fields of sociology, culture is seen in a broad social context. Culture can legitimize prevailing conditions, it may divide and manipulate people, or it can unite them.

For cultural sociologists culture – a diversity of symbols, ideas and practices – is an analytical perspective more than a particular theme. This means that those researching culture at our department share ways of understanding, not primarily common areas of research. Nevertheless, sense, identity, power and change can be said to be overarching themes.

The study of social movements has always been strong in sociology. The environmental movement is one of today's most important movements. It includes both professional organizations with close ties to government and grassroots movements that are active in their local communities. The environmental movement's main issue today is global warming. Other movements may arise sporadically and most take the form of promoting political parties with strong views on specific issues.

Research themes and researchers

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