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Valgfrie kurs og karrierestøtte

Forskerutdanningen i samfunnsvitenskap er en utdanning av høy internasjonal kvalitet, som kvalifiserer kandidatene for en videre akademisk karriere eller for andre yrker med høye krav til kompetanse og ferdigheter.

Å planlegge karrieren din starter når du begynner på ph.d.-utdanningen. Vi tilbyr karrierestøtte gjennom workshop, veiledninger, møteplasser og nettressurser som en valgfri del av ph.d-utdanningen. 

Valgfrie forskerkurs og seminarer

Forskerkurs i samfunnsvitenskap ved Universitetet i Oslo

Nasjonale forskerkurs i samfunnsvitenskapelige fag

Karrierestøtte for forskere

Academic writing for PhD

This two-day online workshop will take participants systematically through some of the main challenges of academic writing and publishing: audience, core argument and structure, as well as cultivating good writing habits.

Too many demands at the same time?

This is a 2 hour digital course held by the Occupational Health Service Unit.The aim of the course is to build awareness about stress-related complaints, health implications and how to improve the situation.

Career Planning Workshop for Early Career Researchers

Whether you’re preparing for a faculty position or looking to find what other career options are out there, it’s important to spend time to understand yourself, your values, and what skills and interests you have.

Introduction to NVivo

This is a two hour course which will provide an introduction to NVivo as a tool in qualitative analysis and project management. Therese will be separate courses in Norwegian and English. Both courses will be held in Zoom.

How to register your projects with the NSD

This is a two hour course which go through how you register your projects with the NSD.


Time spent thinking about your values, strengths and areas for development is time well spent. Taking a strategic approach can give you choice and a competitive edge. You can map your professional development using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). 

Our aim is to enable beginning researchers to easily access information on searching and reviewing scholarly literature, on academic writing, and on sharing and publishing reports and data. The project is a collaboration between five Norwegian university libraries.

Godkjenning av kurs

Retningslinjer for godkjenning av doktorgradskurs

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