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The Management

The Head of Department is the Department's highest position. The head is responsible for managing the Department in accordance with the guidelines set my the University Board, the plans laid out by the Faculty, and instructions from the Dean, as well as decisions made in within the Department Board. The Head has the overarching responsibility and authority with respect to all tasks not explicitly within the Department Board's jurisdiction, and generally has the executive authority to decide upon ongoing matters.

The Head of Department is elected for a 4-year term, along with a Vice Head of Department, who will take on the Head's responsibilities and authority in the event of extended absence.

The Head of Adminstration oversees the Department's administrative and managerial tasks in consultation with and delegation from the Head of Department

Read more about the authorities delegated to the Head of Administration and Head of Research Administration (under construction)

Head of Department

Steinar Holden

Vice Head of Department
Halvor Mehlum

Head of Administration
Guro Schmidt Øvregard

Head of Research Administration

Arina Shadrikova

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