Denne artikkelen tar for seg offentlig virksomhet i privatrettslig lys, med fokus på organisering og virkemidler innenfor spenningen offentlig vs. privat tjenesteytelse.

This paper considers public services and welfare in the light of common law, focusing on organisation and instruments for the national administration. The paper is in Norwegian.

ARENA Working Paper 01/2002 (html)

Hans Petter Graver

This paper takes the contested concept of Europeanization, investigates its contrasting uses and maps out an institutional approach to European dynamics of change.

ARENA Working Paper 02/2002 (html)

Johan P. Olsen

From an institutional point of view, this paper studies role perceptions and allegiance of national civil servants participating in EU committes.

ARENA Working Paper 03/2002 (html)

Jarle Trondal

ARENA Working Paper /2002 (No full text version available)

Inger Johanne Sand

ARENA Working Paper 05/2002 (No full text version available)

Rainer Schmalz-Bruns

I denne artikkelen vurderes Høyesteretts antatt ubestridte posisjon i et nasjonalt juridisk hierarki. I en kontekst med internasjonalisering av lovregimer, i hvilken grad er det fortsatt den nasjonale Høyesterett som sitter med siste instans av dømmende makt?

This paper discusses whether and to what extent the Norwegian Supreme Court remains the ultimate body of judicial power in a context of international law regimes. The paper is in Norwegian.

ARENA Working Paper 06/2002 (html)

Hans Petter Graver

ARENA Working Paper 07/2002 (No full text version available)

Agustín José Menéndez

ARENA Working Paper 08/2002 (No full text version available)

John Erik Fossum

ARENA Working Paper 09/2002 (html)

Jürgen Neyer

This paper investigates the transition of German foreign policy towards active participation in military operations abroad. It is argued here that exaplanations of German policy change should focus on the processes of deliberation and justification in the national public sphere.

ARENA Working Paper 10/2002 (html)

Marianne Takle

Hva er ESAs faktiske rolle i overvåkning og implementering av EØS-avtalen, og hvorfor er organet så omstridt? Denne artikkelen tar et overblikk over disse spørsmålene og skisserer noen svar.

What is the factual role of ESA under the EEA Agreement, and why is the work of ESA so controversial in the member states? Some suggestive answers are given in this paper. The paper is in Norwegian.

ARENA Working Paper 11/2002 (html)

Hans Petter Graver and Ulf Sverdrup

Investigating the concept of Europeanization, this paper highlights the case of internalising EU energy sector legislation in Norway. One of the arguments is that institutional and legal structure must be supplemented by actor intentions and barganing to fully explain the process and outcome of Europeanization.

ARENA Working Paper 12/2002 (html)

Dag Harald Claes

Hva er drivkreftene bak konstitusjonell endring, og hvordan plasserer norsk grunnlovsdebatt og manglende reform seg i et europeisk perspektiv? Denne artikkelen gir en vurdering av disse spørsmålene, med grunnlag i observasjonen at Norge ofte har ligget etter europeiske kolleger i konstitusjonell reform.

This paper discusses Norwegian constitutional reform (or the lack thereof) in a comparative European context, questioning why and to what extent Norway has been lagging behind European colleagues in reforming the constitution. The paper is in Norwegian.

ARENA Working Paper 13/2002 (html)

Johan P. Olsen

Neatly combining a theoretical argument with empirical studies, this paper attempts to conceptualise persuasion in the context of opinion formation in international institutions.

ARENA Working Paper 14/2002 (html)

Jeffrey T. Checkel

What has been the impact of John Rawls’s work in the Nordic countries? This paper argues that in spite of difficult preconditions, the normative contract theory of Rawls has influenced the shape of government and welfare regimes. It is suggested that the relevance and impact of Rawlsian theory to the Nordic countries will increase with the process of Europeanisation.

ARENA Working Paper 15/2002 (html)

Andreas Føllesdal

This paper discusses the topic of rights to political participation in the EU context, focusing on concepts such as sovereignty and citizenship and the inherent tension between nation-state and EU level competence.

ARENA Working Paper 16/2002 (html)

Jo Shaw

This paper looks closer at the emerging European administrative policy, starting from the observation that albeit EU-driven harmonisation lacks a legal basis in Community law, it is nevertheless an unrefutable fact of national administrative policy.

ARENA Working Paper 17/2002 (html)

Hans Petter Graver

Analysing the implications of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, this paper argues that the Charter represents a culmination of the EU as a rights-based entity. Effects of this formalisation will be manifest in the EU's external relations - that is, towards applicant countries as well as in the common foreign and security policy.

ARENA Working Paper 18/2002 (html)

Agustín José Menéndez

This paper presents some insights from an organisational approach to European integration. For exemplification, focus is put on (i) committees and (ii) Commission work; a key observation is that manner of organisation bears heavily on the extent to which institutions shape individual actors.

ARENA Working Paper 19/2002 (html)

Morten Egeberg

Drawing on broad historical insights, this paper accounts for the development of legal doctrine under Franco's regime in Spain; special emphasis is placed on the conformism of liberal intellectual scholars, which helped justify the formal legality of authoritarian rule.

ARENA Working Paper 20/2002 (html)

Agustín José Menéndez

Denne artikkelen ser nærmere på den påvirkning forventninger om EU-medlemskap har hatt på utviklingen i sentral- og østeuropeiske kandidatland siden den kalde krigens slutt.

This paper looks at developments in candidate countries in Central and Eastern Europe generated by their membership aspirations in the EU. A key observation is that by way of membership and conversion criteria, the EU has affected internal developments in each of the nation states way prior to formal membership. The paper is in Norwegian.

ARENA Working Paper 21/2002 (html)

Helene Sjursen

Focusing on the dynamic between sociology and history, this essay makes the case for a synthesis of history and the social sciences by which the pitfalls of both may be avoided and research more dynamically perceived.

ARENA Working Paper 22/2002 (html)

Lars Mjøset

This paper discusses the inherent problems of political engineering through constitutionmaking. It is argued that conflict is often easier to contain in routine politics than at constitutional moments. How, then, does process inflict on inflict on visions and ideas when attempting to create a viable constitutional entity?

ARENA Working Paper 23/2002 (dwt)

Johan P. Olsen

This paper debates the different strands of thought embedded in democratisation of the European Union. One logical starting point is that a closely integrated Union must entail a common public sphere with a say in European affairs.

ARENA Working Paper 24/2002 (html)

Johan P. Olsen

From a habermasian perspective and based on developments of human rights enforcement, this paper makes the claim that a cosmopolitan law is in the making. The argument ties together normative political theory and insights about European and international integration.

ARENA Working Paper 25/2002 (html)

Erik Oddvar Eriksen