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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christoffer  Hatlestad-Hall Hatlestad-Hall, Christoffer PhD candidate
Picture of Daniel Aleksander Hatletvedt Hatletvedt, Daniel Aleksander Executive Officer
Picture of Adrian Hasnaoui Haugen Haugen, Adrian Hasnaoui +47 48 03 94 95
Picture of Ingvild Haugen Haugen, Ingvild PhD candidate 48212595 Cognition, Schizophrenia, Executive function
Picture of Yngvild Bjartveit Haukeland Haukeland, Yngvild Bjartveit PhD Candidate +47-22845234 +47-92013201 Clinical psychology
Picture of Kjetil  Haukås Haukås, Kjetil PhD candidate
Picture of Mohamed  Hazza Hazza, Mohamed Head Engineer +47 22 85 51 24 Innkjøp, IT-drift
Picture of Kristine Berg Heggelund Heggelund, Kristine Berg Executive Officer
Picture of Torje Hegna Hegna, Torje Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, International Economy, Political Economics
Picture of Knut Heidar Heidar, Knut Professor Emeritus Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Norwegian Political History
Picture of Kristin S. Heiervang Heiervang, Kristin S. Researcher
Picture of Inga Heiland Heiland, Inga Assistant Professor Internasjonal økonomi, Finance, Internasjonal migrasjon
Picture of Erkki Heinonen Heinonen, Erkki Associate Professor +47 22845231 Clinical psychology
Helgøy, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ottar Hellevik Hellevik, Ottar Professor Emeritus Comparative Politics, Methodology, Values, Quality of life, Inequality, Public Opinion
Picture of Tore Helstrup Helstrup, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22845141 Emeritus
Picture of Are Skeie Hermansen Hermansen, Are Skeie Researcher +47 22844715
Picture of Maria Hernández Carretero Hernández Carretero, Maria +47 22856866 migration, refugees, asylum, hospitality, belonging, citizenship, solidarity, reciprocity, morality, obligations, transnationalism, hope, uncertainty, risk
Herstad, Sverre Johan Professor +47 22855170 +47 91 64 95 96
Picture of Jan Hesselberg Hesselberg, Jan Professor emeritus Human Geography
Picture of Jan Ole Hesselberg Hesselberg, Jan Ole PhD candidate
Picture of Stine Hesstvedt Hesstvedt, Stine Public administration, Expertise, Quantitative methods, Comparative Politics
Picture of Sjur Emilio Hesthammer Hesthammer, Sjur Emilio Adviser +47 22841815
Hewitt, Iselin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92491583
Picture of Anne Heyerdahl Heyerdahl, Anne Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850503 +47 99160461