Aslaug Gotehus

PhD candidate
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Mobile phone 97680167
Room X306
Visiting address Velferdsforskningsinstituttet NOVA Stensberggata 26 0107 Oslo

Funding and collaboration

The PhD project is part of the research project  Migration For Welfare: Nurses within Three Regimes of of Immigration and Integration into the Norwegian Welfare State (WELLMIG), funded by the Research Council of Norway. 

Academic interests

  • Migration 
  • Labour migration
  • Transnationalism
  • Development


  • Expereince from civil society organisations, inlcuding international experience from Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • MA Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU,  2006
  • Cand.Mag, The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, 2004 
Tags: Human Geography, Development studies, Migration, Transnationalism


  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2022). ‘She’s Like Family’: transnational Filipino families, voluntary kin and the circulation of care. Journal of Family Studies. ISSN 1322-9400. doi: 10.1080/13229400.2022.2074869.
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2021). Agency in deskilling: Filipino nurses’ experiences in the Norwegian health care sector. Geoforum. ISSN 0016-7185. 126, p. 340–349. doi: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.08.012.
  • Vaughn, Taylor; Seeberg, Marie Louise & Gotehus, Aslaug (2019). Waiting: Migrant nurses in Norway. Time & Society. ISSN 0961-463X. 29(1), p. 187–222. doi: 10.1177/0961463X19880145.

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  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2019). Filipino health workers in Norway - What do studies tell us?
  • Gotehus, Aslaug & Vaughn, Taylor (2019). The Cost of Authorization. WELLMIG project blog.
  • Vaughn, Taylor; Seeberg, Marie Louise & Gotehus, Aslaug (2019). New Article about Migrant Nurses in Norway. WELLMIG project blog.
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2018). Reading novels as a part of social science research. WELLMIG project blog.
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2018). For my family.
  • Seeberg, Marie Louise; Vaughn, Taylor & Gotehus, Aslaug (2018). Modes of waiting Filipino and Swedish nurses in Norway .
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2017). Migration of Filipino nurses and transnational care.
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2022). Agency and temporality in skilled migration: Decisions, experiences and practices of Filipino nurses in Norway and in the Philippines. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo.
  • Aarset, Monica Five; Gotehus, Aslaug & Tveito, Siri Berg (2020). Ekteskap i nær slekt. En kunnskapsgjennomgang. Velferdsforskningsinstituttet NOVA. ISSN 978-82-7894-729-6.
  • Gotehus, Aslaug (2019). Evaluering av Lesevenn. Høytlesning for barn, utført av sanitetskvinner. NOVA. ISSN 978-82-7894-716-6.

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