Linda Gulli

Research advisor - on leave

Tasks performed

  • Administrative support of externally funded projects, with special focus on EU
  • Advice and support of project applications 
  • Budgeting and reporting in collaboration with project coordinator and project controller
  • Data management and protection in research projects
  • Identify and inform about external funding possibilities
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops 
  • Research communication
  • Contact point for Forskpro and Cristin
  • Member of FANE-SV (research administrative network)


Linda Gulli holds an MA in Criminology from the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo. She has previously worked in research administration at the same department, as well as an administrative coordinator for SMART (Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade) financed by EUs Horizon 2020 programme, at the Department of Private Law. 

Tags: Research management, Research Communication, EU


  • Gulli, Linda; Jørgensen, Vibe Haff; Rua, Marte & Ugelvik, Thomas (2015). What Do We Know about Prisoner Re-entry? A Review of Research, with a Focus on Scandinavian Findings. Institutt for kriminologi og rettssosiologi, Universitetet i Oslo.

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