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  • soc_epist_150 Asymmetry, Disagreement and Biases: Epistemic Worries about Expertise

    In this paper Cathrine Holst and Anders Molander focuse on epistemic worries about the expertisation of politics, and uses the Nordic system of advisory commissions as an empirical case.

  • treaties-of-parlimenatary-studies The Treaty of Parliamentary Studies

    Chris Lord has contributed with a chapter in the the new book Traité d’études Parlementaires (English: The Treaty of Parliamentary Studies).

  • europe-narrative-new-book A New Narrative for a New Europe

    John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez have contributed with a book chapter each in a volume devoted to offer a new conceptual approach to the core ideas of European integration processes.

  • jga-frontpage The EU’s human rights policy

    Does the EU deliver on its human rights policy? Johanne D. Saltnes explores the EU’s use of the human rights clause and the legitimacy basis of the Union’s human rights policy in the journal Global Affairs.