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Recipients of FRIPRO Toppforsk grants

FRIPRO top level research projects are awarded to a few research groups with the potential of being in the international research front in their field. Four research environments at the Faculty of Social Sciences have been awarded projects from FRIPRO top level research.


The Demand and Supply of Public Education (DoPE)

Principal investigator: Edwin Leuven

Where: Department of Economics

Project number: 275906

Adaptation: Combining Old and New kNowledge to Enable Conscious Transformations to Sustainability

Principal investigator: Karen Linda O'Brien

Where: Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Project number: 250434

Democracy and Expert Rule: The Quest for Reflexive Legitimacy (REFLEX)

Principal investigator:  Erik Oddvar Eriksen

Where: ARENA Centre for European Studies

Project number: 250436


Lifebrain: Breaking new ground in Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience

Principal investigator: Kristine B Walhovd

Where: Department of Psychology


Project number: 249931


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