Ingvild Magnæs Gjelsvik

PhD candidate

Funding and collaboration

Ingvild Magnæs Gjelsvik is an external Ph.D. Candidate financed by the Norwegian Police University College and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). Gjelsvik is also affiliated to the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX) at UiO.

Her Ph.D. analyses the role of the police in preventing violent extremism in Norway, looking at the opportunities, limitations and dilemmas in policy and practice. The project uses empirical data collected through interviews with local police and collaborating agencies as well as analysis of central documents in the field. 

The Ph.D. is a part of the larger research project Nordic Multiagency Approaches to Handling Extremism: Policies, Perceptions and Practices” (HEX-NA), which compares legal frameworks, institutional setups, perceptions and practices of the Nordic multi-agency approaches to countering violent extremism.  


  • Professor Tore Bjørgo (UiO/C-REX)
  • Senior Researcher Kari Osland (NUPI)

Academic interests

  • Prevention
  • Radicalization and violent extremism 
  • Police science
  • Qualitative methods


  • Research at the Norwegian Police University Academy and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) (2011-today)
  • Master in Peace and Conflict Transformation, University of Tromsø (2010)
  • Bachelor in Development studies – University of Agder (2008)

Research team

Gjelsvik is a member of the “Peace, Conflict and Development” Research Group at NUPI and the “Police, Law and Society” Research Group at the Norwegian Police University College.  

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