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  • valencia-2022 Osiris consortium meeting in Valencia 21. juni 2022 11:01

    After more than two years of zoom meetings, the Osiris consortium finally met physically again for a two-day meeting in Valencia, Spain. The meeting was hosted by Osiris partner INGENIO and took place at their offices at Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación.

  • Et historisk blikk på Klima- og miljødepartementets 50 år 5. mai 2022 11:58

    Fredag 6. mai markerer Klima- og miljødepartementet 50 år med norsk miljøhistorie med foredrag, samtaler og intervjuer.

  • Image may contain: Organism, Font, Line, Art, Twig. Report on missions in Norway 17. mars 2022 13:36

    Centre director, Taran Thune, has contributed to a new report on how missions can be used for tackling grand societal challenges in Norway.

  • Image may contain: Text, Logo, Font, Green, Brand. Available PhD fellowship in innovation policy and sustainability transitions 16. mars 2022 16:09

    We have an open position as PhD fellow in INTRANSIT. The position is connected to research stream 5 on innovation policy and sustainability transitions, and the place of work is the Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo.

  • Image may contain: Font, Circle, Illustration, Art, Graphics. Master thesis topics 11. mars 2022 13:21

    INTRANSIT offers students access to a vibrant research community, the opportunity to work with and be supervised by leading scholars and industry partners, access to data and partners.