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  • white-smoke-on-black-background Far-right lone actor terror attack in Hanau: a mirror of contemporary German politics? 21. feb. 2020 10:11

    On February 19 th, a 43-year-old German man carried out a far-right terror attack in the city of Hanau, in central Germany. He shot nine people at two locations in the city centre, as well as his own mother before committing suicide. He left a lengthy manifesto outlining his anti-migrant and racist worldview. In a month marked by the breaking of the country's long-enduring political ‘cordon-sanitaire’ , coupled with evidence of extensive far-right terrorist mobilisation and its most deadly terror attack since 1980, it is clear that Germany’s institutions are at a critical juncture in the struggle against right-wing extremism.

  • zwartepiet1 Blackface in the name of tradition: the controversy around the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’ festivities 18. feb. 2020 13:35

    In the aftermath of the festive month, Dutch PhD candidate Iris Beau Segers looks back on the annually recurring issue of Black Pete in the Netherlands, whose blackfaced appearance has been at the heart of a controversial public debate for almost a decade.

  • al-noor-baerum Development of right-wing violence in Western Europe 3. feb. 2020 13:11

    The RTV trend report recently published by C-REX shows that, since the 1990s, severe forms of right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe have decreased, particularly gang-related and unorganized forms of violence. Today, so-called ‘lone actors’ carry out most of the violence, a trend that has been reinforced by the emergence of various online platforms.

  • anders-kristine-utenfor-hsh-foto-anne-elisabeth-nass-nf Aldring har ingen alder 31. jan. 2020 09:26

    – Demens handler om aldring. Og aldringen påvirkes allerede før vi blir født, mener årets vinnere av Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsens Demensforskningspris Anders Fjell og Kristine Walhovd.

  • forsidebilde-1 Hva skal vi skatte av i fremtiden? 21. jan. 2020 13:18

    Under Januarkonferansen 2020 ble det sett nærmere på hva vi skal skatte av i fremtiden.

  • beverwaard-luchtfoto Stories that mobilize: understanding protests against asylum seeker centres 21. jan. 2020 09:38

    What makes people translate their thoughts and feelings into action? With hate crimes against asylum seekers on the rise across Europe, this question has become increasingly relevant today. C-REX affiliate scholar Iris Segers argues that we need to look more closely at protesting communities, and engage with their stories, in order to understand what drives mobilization against asylum seekers across Western Europe.


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