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15 apr.
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Tid og sted: 15. apr. 2021 10:0011:30, Zoom

Neil Ketchley presents Violence, Concessions, and Decolonization: Evidence from the 1919 Egyptian Revolution


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Tid og sted: 15. apr. 2021 12:1515:15, Zoom

Master in Political Science Lene Ekhaugen will be defending her dissertation: Inter-Ministerial Coordination and Frontline Implementation. A Study of Norway in the Complex Operation in Afghanistan

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Tid og sted: 15. apr. 2021 14:1515:00, Zoom

Join the CityStudio Oslo ‘Making of’ Information session to get a behind the scenes understanding of this unique study opportunity. 

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Tid og sted: 15. apr. 2021 14:1515:30, Digital seminar in Zoom

Department seminar. Morten Bennedsen is the Niels Bohr Professor at the University of Copenhagen and the André and Rosalie Hoffmann Chaired Professor of Family Enterprise at INSEAD. He will present the paper: Value-Based Leadership.

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Tid og sted: 20. apr. 2021 12:1513:00, Zoom

Title: Individual Welfare State Experiences: How Interactions with the Welfare State Shape People’s Attitudes towards Political System

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Tid og sted: 21. apr. 2021 14:1516:00, Zoom

The Departmental Seminar Series features Casey Golomski, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Core Faculty of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of New Hampshire.

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Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2021 14:0015:30, Online

Speaker: Cathrine Thorleifsson, C-REX 

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Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2021 14:1515:30, Digital seminar in Zoom

Department seminar. Jesse Bruhn is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Brown University. He will present the paper Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago.

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Tid og sted: 23. apr. 2021 15:0017:30, Zoom Webinar

Cand.polit. i sosiologi Anne Margrethe Sønneland vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d. (philosophiae doctor) ved Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi.

'These trials are not easy, because they are against the state'. Victims' experiences with trials and individual economic reparations after serious violations of human rights in Argentina and Peru