Research topics

C-REX studies right-wing extremism as both an ideology and as ideologically justified violence. This is important in order to achieve a better understanding of the causes and consequences of right-wing extremism, as well as how liberal democracies successfully should defend themselves against violent right-wing activism.

Genuinely cross-disciplinary

C-REX is a genuinely cross-disciplinary center, uniting perspectives from political science, sociology, history, anthropology, ethnography, criminology, psychology, and media studies, which will ensure theoretical and methodological pluralism. This approach allows us to study the formation of extreme right attitudes and behavior as well as the ideological and organizational development of far right politics at the transnational, national and local level. Adequate research on right-wing and other types of extremism also requires a comparative perspective. Indeed, extant comparative research has suggested that, despite significant differences, processes of radicalization, including engagement and disengagement, are surprisingly similar across different forms of extremist movement and groups, and the same appears to apply for preventive measures and policies.

Five Research Areas

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