Right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe: the RTV dataset

The RTV Dataset


The RTV dataset documents right-wing terrorism and violence in 18 West European countries since 1990. The dataset includes fatal and severe non-fatal attacks, attack plots, as well as discoveries of major arms repositories. Each event has been coded on a range of variables, including time and location, perpetrator and victim characteristics, organizational affiliations, weapon types, and number of casualties.

Key Documents

The RTV Trend Report


The RTV Trend Report is released annually. The report presents key findings from the latest version of the RTV dataset regarding attack frequencies, cross-national variation, targeting, perpetrators, and weapons, short case studies of countries experiencing notable developments, and selected topics particularly salient to the year covered by the report. 

Annual Reports

Access to the RTV Dataset

The full version of the RTV dataset, containing all information except for source links, is available for download to the public free of charge. Source links are not included in the publicly available version due to (GDPR) regulations concerning protection of personal information. The RTV dataset can be downloaded here

Access to the full version containing all corresponding sources can be obtained by researchers upon application to C-REX. 

Note: Prior to 2015, only fatal events should be used to analyse variation over time and places. For more information, see the the RTV codebook, the RTV Error Profile and the RTV Methodology.
Warning: The qualitative descriptions in the dataset include graphic references to violence/murder, mass shootings, violence towards children, sexual assault, racism, self-harm, discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, sexuality and appearance, and other disturbing content. It is possible to delete or hide this column.
Disclaimer: The data is provided as is. All errors and omissions remain with the data set creator. However, the data set creator bears no responsibility for others’ use, analysis, or interpretation of the data. The data set may not be passed on or sold to third parties.
Copyright: Jacob Aasland Ravndal.
How to cite the dataset?

Ravndal, Jacob Aasland, “Right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe: Introducing the RTV dataset”, Perspectives on Terrorism 10, no. 3 (June 2016).


Feedback, new information and relevant links may be submitted through an online form. To provide new information about already registered events, please refer to the event’s Case ID.

Selected publications

For a list of selected publications based on the RTV dataset (including research reports, policy briefs, journal articles, book chapters and op-eds) see here

Steering Group

The RTV Steering Group is responsible for maintaining and making key decisions concerning the RTV dataset. This primarily includes managing annual updates, producing the annual RTV Trend Report, and making strategic decisions concerning adjustments, revisions, or expansions of the dataset.

International Expert Network

The RTV dataset relies on an International Expert Network to ensure full coverage of the most important cases and provide country-specific information to clear up complex events and identifying relevant source materials.