Formers: Interviews with former extremists

Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay

Here you will find primary data from former extremists, including a bibliography of published (auto)biographies, a collection of interviews (in 2021) and a podcast series (also in 2021).

Interviews with former extremists provide rich sources of data on processes of radicalisation and engagement as well as disengagement, deradicalisation and reintegration into mainstream society.

There is a high demand for such interviews but only a few formers are willing. C-REX is developing a set of resources to reduce the need to make ever more original interviews with formers. We will provide:

  • An annotated bibliography of published (auto)biographies with former extremists of different ideological leanings, including books and substantial interviews in newspapers, magazines and TV/film. See resources.
  • A collection of interviews with former extremists, carried out by the C-REX team and partners. The recorded interviews will be transcribed and (if necessary) anonymised. Interviewees consent that their interviews are released for research. Academic researchers and students may apply for access. Target: 25 original interviews available by late 2021.
  • A Podcast series with a selection of the most interesting interviews. From Spring 2021.

Listen to project leader Tore Bjørgo’s radio program on his interaction with former Nazi activists. The encounter with one led to him establishing the very first Exit project. Another plotted to assassinate him – now he is a good friend! Sommer i P2 11.07.2020 (in Norwegian). Tore also appears in the podcast "Universitetsplassen" talking about "extremists in rehab?".

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Tore Bjørgo

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