Here is a list of films and documentaries about former extremists. For a more comprehensive list of films and documentaries about the far right, see here

American History X (1998), Hollywood-movie about an American neo-nazi.

Erasing the Hate (2011) – Documentary about former neo-nazis removing hate-tattoos.

EXIT – Leaving extremism behind (2018) – Documentary about former extremists by Karen Winther Hansen.

Führer Ex (2002) – Movie-adaption of the biography of former German neo-nazi, Ingo Hasselbach.

Jihad: A Story of Others (2015) – Documentary about former British jihadists by Deeyah Khan.

La Bombe (2018) – Documentary on the former Canadian neo-nazi Maxime Fiset.

My Life as a Terrorist: The Story of Hans-Joachim Klein (2005) – Documentary about the former German left-wing extremist Hans-Joachim Klein.

Skin (2018) – Hollywood-movie based on the life of the former American neo-nazi, Brad Galloway.

The «First Lady of ISIS» (2017) – Mini-documentary about the former American jihadist Tania Georgelas.

Un Français/French Blood (2015) – French drama on about a former neo-nazi.

White Right: Meeting the Enemy (2017) – Documentary about American neo-nazis by Deeyah Khan.

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