OSIRIS Presentations

Here you will find English-language presentations from the OSIRIS team that concern impact of research. For those who read Norwegian, there are more presentations here.

Director Magnus Gulbrandsen presents impact as a process at Atlanta STI in 2017.




Launch and general introductions in 2016

We have presented OSIRIS for different stakeholders and partners many times since our launch. Most of these have been in Norwegian, but we also have a general presentation of the centre and its topic in English. A variant of this presentation has been used to discuss the relationship between impact and grand challenges at the 2016 EU-SPRI conference and to discuss the different communities of impact studies at the 2016 Open Evaluation conference, and to present OSIRIS at the launch of the Swedish Research Council's new research programme on science policy.

13 October 2016 we organised a launch seminar for OSIRIS. All the centre partners made presentations, as did stakeholders representing the health and care sector, industry, public policy and the research system. The programme and videotaped seminar can be found here

By Magnus Gulbrandsen
Published May 13, 2017 12:30 AM - Last modified May 22, 2019 10:12 AM