OSIRIS Presentations

Here you will find English-language presentations from the OSIRIS team that concern impact of research. Presentations in Norwegian can be found here.


  • Frauke Rohden (2022), Mediating public engagement with Covid-19 on Reddit. EASST politics of technoscientific futures, Madrid July 6-9.
  • Eu-SPRI annual conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, June 2022:
    • Jakob Edler, Maria Karaulova and Erlend Osland Simensen: How do institutional conditions influence research use by policymakers?
    • Kari-Elisabeth Skogen, Erlend Osland Simensen, Magnus Gulbrandsen and Taran Mari Thune: BUGs in the system – Government officials as brokers, users and gatekeepers of research.
    • Magdalena Wicher, Richard Woolley, Jordi Molas-Gallart and Shauna Stack: Transformative Innovation Policies (TIPs) in translation from theory to practice.
    • Silje Tellmann and Magnus Gulbrandsen: Demanding research: an analysis of contract research in policymaking.
    • Jordi Molas-Gallart and Richard Woolley: Research impact seen from the user side.
    • Kristin Oxley: Grant peer review panels evaluating interdisciplinary research – a stumbling block for effective STI policy for societal challenges?
    • Jakob Edler, Katrin Ostertag and Johanna Schuler: Social innovation, transformation and public policy.
    • Trust Saidi: Towards translating scientific excellence into societal impact in health care – A critical assessment of the opportunities and challenges posed by social innovation in bridging the missing link.
  • OSIRIS consortium meeting, Valencia, Spain, March 2022:



  • Silje Maria Tellmann and Reetta Muhonen (2020), The limits of reporting societal impact for research evaluation purposes – the case of sociology in UK and Norway. Triple Helix Conference (online), 16 June.

  • Jordi Molas-Gallart (2020), Evaluation for transformative innovation and co-production. Workshop on Co-production in the Evaluation of Research Impacts,The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), University of Leiden, Netherlands, 2 June.

  • Silje Maria Tellmann (2020), Societal impact seen from the user side: Knowledge brokers as gatekeepers of productive interactions. Workshop: From productive interactions to enabling interactions. Conceptualizing the role of organizations in generating impact of academic research, Leiden University, Netherlands, 27 February.

  • Trust Saidi, Taran Thune and Markus Bugge (2020), Making ‘hidden innovations’ visible? A study of the development and implementation of an innovation measurement and management system in Norwegian health care. The 5th PUBSIC (Innovation in Public Services and Public Policy) Conference, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway, 29 -31 January.


  • Magnus Gulbrandsen (2019), Hva er impact av forskning – og hva fremmer/hemmer det? Lunch seminar at the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research (SVA), OsloMet University, 20 November.

  • Maria Karaulova (2019), Brokering Research into Policy: A case study of the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. External Seminar Series of Strathclyde Business School – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, 19 December.

  • Magnus Gulbrandsen and Silje Maria Tellmann (2019), Impact on policy without policymakers? A case study of research targeting oral health among elderly. Workshop on Medical Innovation (WOMI), Pisa, 12-13 December.

  • Jordi Molas-Gallart (2019), Impact assessment and the evaluation of knowledge (or is it technology?) transfer: past, present and future of a contested activity. Keynote 1 presented at Evaluating Knowledge and Impact: Governance, Procedures and Metris for Science and Innovation Conference, Joint Research Unit on ‘Knowledge Transfer and Innovation’, CSIC-UCO Córdoba, Spain, 12-13 December.

  • Trust Saidi and Magnus Gulbrandsen (2019), Exploring tensions between scientific outcomes and societal impacts in health research in Norway. Paper presented at workshop on “Global Disease Burdens” at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU), Oslo, 2-3 December.

  • Gry C. Lunder Høiland and Magnus Gulbrandsen (2019), Better together? A critical discussion of the relationship between research and innovation in policy and practice. NEON 2019, Lillehammer, 27-28 November.

  • Barry Bozeman (2019), Public Values Approaches to Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP). Public keynote at the OSIRIS academic workshop in Oslo, 7-8 November.

  • Mireille Matt (2019), Real-time impact assessment. Public keynote at the OSIRIS academic workshop in Oslo, 7-8 November.

  • Conference on Science and Innovation Policy, Atlanta, GA, October 2019

    • Taran Thune: Research use in policymaking – piloting a micro level approach 

    • Jordi Molas-Gallart: Productive interactions seen from the user side. 

    • Maria Karaulova, Kate Barker, Derry Keohane and Jakob Edler: What is the Role of Scientific Knowledge in Developing Urban Transport Policy? 

    • Magnus Gulbrandsen and Silje Maria Tellman: Reframing policy issues through research: how obesity became a global warming concern

  • Arvid Raknerud (2019), Public R&D Support and Firm Performance: A Dose–Response Analysis. Centre for Applied and Theoretical Econometrics (CATE) workshop on economic policy analysis, Handelshøyskolen BI, 8 October.

  • Pablo D'Este, Irene Ramos-Vielba, Nicolas Robinson-García, Richard Woolley (2019), Aligning scientific impact and societal relevance: the roles of academic engagement and interdisciplinary research. T2S Annual Conference, 26-28 September, University of Toronto.

  • sSIST-UK Annual Conference, Manchester, September 2019

    • Derry Keohane (2019), What has the Impact of Behavioural Economics been on UK Policymaking? 

    • Maria Karaulova, Kate Barker and Derry Keohane (2019), What is the Role of Scientific Knowledge in Developing Urban Transport Policy? 

  • ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw, September 2019

    • Kate Barker, Jakob Edler and Maria Karaulova: The Impact of Scientific Knowledge on Policy: conceptualising the policy-making conditions

    • Kari-Elisabeth Skogen: Facilitators and barriers to research utilization in public policy organisations:  A systematic review

  • EGOS Colloquium, Edinburgh, July 2019

    • Magnus Gulbrandsen and Gry C. Lunder Høiland: An easy match? Evidence-based policy meets science-based impact

    • Maria Karaulova: An Evaluative Enquiry into the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

  • Pablo D'Este, Irene Ramos-Vielba, Nicolas Robinson-García and Richard Woolley (2019), Aligning scientific impact and societal relevance: the roles of academic engagement and interdisciplinary research. DRUID 19, Copenhagen, 19-21 June.

  • Marina Rybalka (2019) “Social network analysis: Do cluster development programs help firms to expand their innovative collaboration?” The 2019 University-Industry Interaction Conference, Helsinki, 18-20 June 2019.

  • EU-SPRI Annual Conference, Rome, June 2019

    • Magnus Gulbrandsen: Tracing impact of science from the user side

    • Thune, Taran, Trust Saidi and Markus Bugge: Making ‘hidden innovation’ visible: A tracing study of an innovation management and measurement system in Norwegian health care

    • Gry C. Lunder Høiland and Magnus Gulbrandsen: An easy match? Evidence-based policy meets science-based impact. EU-SPRI Annual Conference

    • Alfredo Yegros-Yegros, Wouter van de Klippe, Francisca Abad, Ismael Ràfols (2019): Are citation-based evaluations contributing to misalignment of health research priorities? 

    • Richard Woolley: The impact of scientific transformation on clinical knowledge users in the area of rare diseases

  • Pablo D’Este, Irene Ramos-Vielba, Nicolas Robinson-Garcia (2019) Aligning scientific impact and societal relevance: the roles of academic engagement and interdisciplinary research. European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics 2019 (EMAEE), University of Sussex, Brighton UK, 3-5 June.

  • Øivind A. Nilsen (2019), Public R&D Support and Firm Performance – A Panel Data Study. Innopat 2019, Mannheim, 17 May.

  • Arvid Raknerud (2019), What are the drivers of productivity growth in the business sector? The 14th Sino-Norwegian Social Policy Forum, Haikou, Hainan, 30-31 March.

  • Magnus Gulbrandsen (2019), Impact: hvordan studere et forskningspolitisk motebegrep. Presentation in the Science Studies Colloquium Series (Forum for vitenskapsteori), University of Oslo, 27 February.

  • Magnus Gulbrandsen (2019), Seen from the user side: a new approach to studying research impact. Invited seminar presentation, Utrecht University, 19 February.




Launch and general introductions in 2016

We have presented OSIRIS for different stakeholders and partners many times since our launch. Most of these have been in Norwegian, but we also have a general presentation of the centre and its topic in English. A variant of this presentation has been used to discuss the relationship between impact and grand challenges at the 2016 EU-SPRI conference and to discuss the different communities of impact studies at the 2016 Open Evaluation conference, and to present OSIRIS at the launch of the Swedish Research Council's new research programme on science policy.

13 October 2016 we organised a launch seminar for OSIRIS. All the centre partners made presentations, as did stakeholders representing the health and care sector, industry, public policy and the research system. The programme and videotaped seminar can be found here

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