Hva kjennetegner prosessen der forskning gjør en forskjell i samfunnet? Hvilke forutsetninger må være til stede for at forskning skal tas i bruk i næringslivet, i helsesektoren eller i politikkutforming? Dette er de sentrale spørsmålene i forskningssenteret Oslo Institute for Research on the Impact of Science (OSIRIS), finansiert av Forinnpol-programmet i Norges forskningsråd.


  • New OSIRIS blog: Impact perspectives: six ways of understanding covid-19 vaccine development 29. juni 2022 09:57

    How does science make its way from academic research into society? There is agreement that the connection between science and society is not a linear or simple process. This blog post presents six perspectives on the complexity, long timespans and many different actors involved in scientific impact processes.

  • Image may contain: Rectangle, Font, Circle, Electric blue, Logo. Osiris at the Eu-SPRI conference 2022 29. juni 2022 09:38

    From June 1-3 2022, the Osiris team attended the yearly Eu-SPRI conference. This year’s theme was “Challenging Science and Innovation Policy” and the aim was to explore future directions for studies of Policies for Research and Innovation with a special emphasis on the topics of Digitization, Open Science and Futuring.