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Professorship in Macro and Monetary Policy Issues (completed)

The purpose of the professorship, which is funded by Norges Bank, is to contribute to more research about monetary policy issues and macroeconomics in general.

About the Project

The professorship in macroeconomics is based on a donation by Norges Bank. Steinar Holden was hired as a professor in macro and monetary policy issues in 2004. The donation was originally given for seven years. As of 1 March 2011, the professorship was renewed for another 7 year period, based on a donation from Norges Bank

The professorship is similar to other professorships at the University of Oslo (UiO). The employee holds the same rights as other employees at UiO and UiO is the employer.

The donation also includes project funds which are earmarked workshops, conferences, doctoral courses, Master's scholarships, guest researcher visits, purchases of computers and other technical equipment etc.


Norges Bank

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