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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Oda Asbjørnsen Aune Aune, Oda Asbjørnsen Seniorkonsulent +47 22855145 Student and academic administration, Student councelling, Master commisions, Communication
Picture of Petter Brønstad Brønstad, Petter Higher Executive Officer +47 22854815 Inspera, Canvas, Leganto, Exams, Reassessment and grade reasoning, Reassessment, Grade reasoning, Facebook, Vortex, Front desk, RT
Picture of Tone Enger Enger, Tone Seniorkonsulent +47 22855115 PhD, Exam arranging
Picture of Mari Gakkestad Gakkestad, Mari Adviser +47 22859468 Research administration, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Cristin, Open Access
Picture of Kristina Huglen Huglen, Kristina On leave until 2022 Exam arranging, Examination, Student councelling, Bachelor, admission master
Picture of Ingrid-Helen Liabø Liabø, Ingrid-Helen Senior Executive Officer +47 22854707
Picture of Arina Shadrikova Shadrikova, Arina on leave 18.08.2021-17.08.2022 +47 22854245 Research Support, External funding, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Picture of Marie Sørhaug Sørhaug, Marie Student councelling, Study administration
Picture of Olja Toljagic Toljagic, Olja Avdelingsleder +47 22855649 Research Support, External funding, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Picture of Sylvi Anita Varsi Øien Varsi Øien, Sylvi Anita Adviser +47-22856907 Human resources administration
Picture of Mari Strønstad Øverås Øverås, Mari Strønstad Adviser +47 22841604 International, Student guidance, Web editor, Web publishing, recognition
Øvregard, Guro Schmidt Head of Office +47 22857186 Financial management, office management, recruitment, Reporting
Picture of Linn Kristin Dedekam Øwre Øwre, Linn Kristin Dedekam Executive Officer +47 22855149 Study administration