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  • between-scylla-and-charybdis-660 The European Union – between Scylla and Charybdis? June 18, 2018 7:23 PM

    Since 2008, the European Union faces a range of existential threats between populism, technocracy, and mediatisation. How can the EU address the rise of populist parties, the expanding role of the EU’s depoliticized bodies, and the world of social media?

  • jpo-routledge-books-version-2 Revival of 'The Reforming Organization' June 11, 2018 2:35 PM

    Johan P. Olsen’s ‘The Reforming Organization’ has been published in a new edition by Routledge. The book is increasingly relevant, following a revived interest in formal reform and their impact on practical organizational outcomes.

  • draghi_eu_2017_european_parliament_640 The technocrat that saved the euro Apr. 3, 2018 8:16 PM

    During the euro crisis, the European Central Bank carved out a new and more significant role for itself. While many agree that this saved the euro in the short term, new research by Jørgen Bølstad at ARENA suggests that the ECB’s new role as a lender of last resort may also prevent future crises.


  • strassheim-holger ARENA Tuesday Seminar: Holger Straßheim Aug. 28, 2018 1:15 PM

    Holger Straßheim will present his paper 'Reframing regulation: behavioural expertise in EU policy-making' at the ARENA Tuesday Seminar on 28 August 2018.

  • ies-portrett-fotoud-300 The ARENA Lecture 2018: Ine Eriksen Søreide Sep. 11, 2018 2:15 PM

    Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide will give a lecture under The ARENA Lecture 2018 at Blindern on 11 September 2018.

  • zielonka-jan-300 ARENA Tuesday Seminar: Jan Zielonka Sep. 18, 2018 1:15 PM

    Jan Zielonka will make a presentation entitled 'The remaking of the EU’s borders and the images of European architecture' at the ARENA Tuesday Seminar on 18 September 2018.

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