STS Methods Lab

The STS Methods Lab is a series of academic theoretical methods seminars hosted and organized by the Science and Technology Studies (STS) research group at the TIK Centre. In-house and guest speakers are invited to present and share their works and thoughts on methods through open and interactive sessions.

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About the project

The STS Methods Lab at TIK explores methodological approaches in and across the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS). Science and Technology Studies is an interdisciplinary field of research exploring the role of science and technology in society, both historically and today. In the STS Methods Lab we engage with the questions of not only what methods and tools we use in our research, but also how we talk about, theorize, and reflect on methods, how we write about methods, how we combine different methods, and how we teach methods to students. Each semester, the STS Methods Lab organizes an open seminar series and workshops with invited national and international guest lecturers. The STS Methods Lab aims to further strengthen the STS research environment at TIK by expanding its transnational networks, strengthening interdisciplinary methods and exchange through PhD courses and hosting the Nordic STS conference in 2023.


The primary objective of the ‘STS Methods Lab’ is to consolidate the research group in Science and Technology Studies at the TIK Centre, UiO, by means of expansion of transnational networks and the training of a new generation of STS scholars.

The project “STS Methods Lab” aims to strengthen the STS research environment at TIK by

(1) hosting methods seminars with visiting scholars

(2) strengthen methods competencies by means of establishing and conducting a series of PhD courses on STS methodologies and

(3) organizing and hosting the Nordic STS conference in 2023.

By facilitating international exchange with leading and emerging scholars, the STS group will both support the younger researchers in building their networks and introduce key international scholars to the STS community in Norway.

  • Time frame: 
    2020 - 2024


ISPSAM - Norwegian Research Council's SAMEVAL programme

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