More than human methods

In the past decade, social science and humanities scholars alike have taken an increased interest in nature-objects and non-humans. This interest has been accompanied by debates around how social sciences and humanities can take non-human as well as human objects and bodies into account in our studies, and how do we engage with nature and the natural without reducing it to the social, without repeating the nature/culture divide. The ’more-than-human conditions’ take many forms and invite for many different conceptual and empirical approaches:

What methods, tools and modes of narration do we mobilize and depend upon in order to include nature and the non-human into account in the study of science, culture, politics and the economy? How do we work ethnographically, historically and with other transdisciplinary methods to tease out empirically what our theories and concepts invite us to engage with? How do we develop concepts and theory ‘from below’?

TIK9012 – The more-than-human condition: Valuations and care in immunology, biomedicine and politics - University of Oslo (

Published Sep. 17, 2021 1:16 PM - Last modified Sep. 28, 2021 4:36 PM