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Current research

My current project is the RCN Young Researcher Talent project ResBod: Resisting Bodies: The Politics and Practices of the Immune System. The project consists of close empirical studies of vaccine development, comparative immunology and immune therapy and cuts across science and technology studies, human geography and medical anthropology. A key contribution of the project is studies of the working practices in the life sciences and how scientists from medicine and biology in collaboration work to understand comparative immunology in codfish and humans. This is a collaboration with Kristin Asdal (TIK) and Silje Morsman. This part of ResBod brings new knowledge of how humans and nonhumans are compared, modified and contrasted in immunology, and with what outcomes. PhD candidate Hanne Castberg Tresselt work together with me on ResBod and explores new vaccine technologies, model organisms, and the science-society relation.

Academic interests 

I have a background in social anthropology and cultural and environmental studies, and a PhD in Science and technology studies (STS) and Ethics. My work combines an interest in STS, human-animal studies and history of medicine, veterinary science, and public health. I have been particularly interested in how science and politics work upon, modify, care for, and regulate relationships with nonhumans and our natural environments, and how it changes over time and across contexts. With this empirical focus, I have explored various topics such as biopolitics, medicine-society relations including ethical controversies around medical practices such as animal research, and the wider implications of experimental medicine for understanding and shaping more-than-human health, care, and welfare.

Teaching and supervision

I have extensive experience in teaching at the M.A. and PhD level. I have supervised MA students on the topics of human-animal controversies in farming, care in science, telecare and its various social and political implications, innovations in care, the role of social media in society and politics, digital modes of governing public health, and technical innovations in public transport.  

Tags: Actor-Network Theory, Science and Technology Studies, History of Medicine, Human-Animal Studies


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View all works in Cristin

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