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Picture of Rahul Omprakash Agrawal Agrawal, Rahul Omprakash Senior Engineer Neuroscience, motion capture, Research management, Eyetracking, EEG
Picture of Nina  Alexandersen Alexandersen, Nina PhD candidate nina.alexandersen
Picture of Inge Amlien Amlien, Inge Senior Engineer Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Agnes Andenæs Andenæs, Agnes Professor +47 22845214 Cultural and Community Psychology, Methodology, Social Psychology
Picture of Elin Sofia Andersson Andersson, Elin Sofia PhD candidate
Picture of Stein Andersson Andersson, Stein Professor +47 22845928 +47-91683648 Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Stian Andreassen Andreassen, Stian Adviser +47 22845160 Research management, Research support
Picture of Gulnaz Anjum Anjum, Gulnaz Associate Professor Climate change, Extremism, Migration, gender equality, Peace and Conflict Studies
Picture of Nadia Ansar Ansar, Nadia PhD candidate 93061435 / ansar
Picture of Eva Karin Axelsen Axelsen, Eva Karin Clinical psychology, Emeritus
Ayorech, Ziada Researcher +47 22840885 genetics
Picture of Henning Bang Bang, Henning Associate Professor +47 22845170 +47 90835522 Work and organisational psychology
Beck, Dani PhD candidate
Picture of Frøydis Gjerpe Bekkedal Bekkedal, Frøydis Gjerpe Adviser +47 22845118 Human resources administration
Picture of Mona Bekkhus Bekkhus, Mona Associate Professor +47-22845229 +47-92626351 Developmental psychology, PROMENTA
Picture of Kirsten Benum Benum, Kirsten Clinical psychology
Picture of Ida Stange Bernhardt Bernhardt, Ida Stange Associate Professor +47 22845283 Clinical psychology
Picture of Lars Bertram Bertram, Lars Adjunct Professor genetics, epigenetics, genomics, epigenomics
Picture of Guido Biele Biele, Guido Adjunct Professor Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Marianne Skogbrott Birkeland Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott Associate Professor Developmental psychology
Picture of Cato Bjørkli Bjørkli, Cato Associate Professor +47 22845227 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Roald Arild Bjørklund Bjørklund, Roald Arild +47 22845173 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Ludvig Daae Bjørndal Bjørndal, Ludvig Daae Doctoral Research Fellow PROMENTA, genetics, wellbeing
Picture of Per-Ole Bjørnstad Bjørnstad, Per-Ole Head Engineer +47 22845011
Picture of Rolv Mikkel Blakar Blakar, Rolv Mikkel Professor Emeritus +47-22845182 +47-92421444 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Critical Psychology, Emeritus