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Picture of Rahul Omprakash Agrawal Agrawal, Rahul Omprakash Senior Engineer Neuroscience
Picture of Nina  Alexandersen Alexandersen, Nina PhD candidate nina.alexandersen
Picture of Aina Alvsvåg Alvsvåg, Aina Adviser +47 22840358 External funding, career advise, Research management, Grant support, Supervision, Research Ethics, Research support
Picture of Inge Amlien Amlien, Inge Senior Engineer +4797106525 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Agnes Andenæs Andenæs, Agnes Professor +47 22845214 Cultural and Community Psychology, Methodology, Social Psychology
Picture of Elin Sofia Andersson Andersson, Elin Sofia PhD candidate
Picture of Stein Andersson Andersson, Stein Professor +47 22845928 +4791683648 +47-91683648 Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Cognitive psychology
Andreassen, Stian Adviser +47 22845160 Research management, Research support
Picture of Nadia Ansar Ansar, Nadia PhD candidate 93061435 / ansar
Picture of Eva Axelsen Axelsen, Eva Emeritus +47-22845217 eva.axelsen(at) Clinical psychology, Emeritus
Ayorech, Ziada Researcher genetics
Picture of Henning Bang Bang, Henning Associate Professor +47 22845170 +47 90835522 Work and organisational psychology
Beck, Dani PhD candidate
Picture of Frøydis Gjerpe Bekkedal Bekkedal, Frøydis Gjerpe Adviser +47 22845118 Human resources administration
Picture of Mona Bekkhus Bekkhus, Mona Associate Professor +47-22845229 +47-92626351 Developmental psychology, PROMENTA
Picture of Kirsten Benum Benum, Kirsten Associate Professor +47-22845239 Clinical psychology
Picture of Ida Stange Bernhardt Bernhardt, Ida Stange Lecturer +47 22845283 Clinical psychology
Picture of Lars Bertram Bertram, Lars Adjunct Professor genetics, epigenetics, genomics, epigenomics
Picture of Guido Biele Biele, Guido Adjunct Professor +47 22845172 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Picture of Marianne Skogbrott Birkeland Birkeland, Marianne Skogbrott Associate Professor Developmental psychology
Picture of Cato Bjørkli Bjørkli, Cato Associate Professor +47 22845227 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Roald Arild Bjørklund Bjørklund, Roald Arild Professor +47 22845173 +47 90836386 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Per-Ole Bjørnstad Bjørnstad, Per-Ole Head Engineer +47 22845011
Picture of Rolv Mikkel Blakar Blakar, Rolv Mikkel Professor Emeritus +47-22845182 +47-92421444 Cultural and Community Psychology, Social Psychology, Critical Psychology, Emeritus
Picture of Alejandro Omar Blenkmann Blenkmann, Alejandro Omar Researcher Cognitive neuroscience