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04 aug.
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Tid og sted: 4. aug. 2021 10:0011:00, Online

Lecturer: Ihsan Yilmaz, Deakin University

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Tid: 12. aug. 2021 14:1517:00

Master of Economic Theory and Econometrics Kristoffer Berg at Department of Economics will defend his thesis "Fair and Efficient Taxation" for the PhD degree.

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Tid: 20. aug. 2021 16:0019:00

Master of Economic Theory and Econometrics Andreas Steinvall Myhre at Department of Economics will defend his thesis "Disability Benefits, Welfare Reform and Labor Supply" for the PhD degree.

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Tid og sted: 24. aug. 2021 13:1514:30, Zoom

Øyvind Stiansen and Tommaso Pavone present the paper 'The NAV Scandal and the Shadow Effect of Courts: Judicial Review and the Politics of Preemptive Reform​' at the ARENA Tuesday seminar on 24 August 2021.

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Tid og sted: 27. aug. 2021 12:1514:00, Webinar
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Tid og sted: 8. sep. 2021 15:0016:00, Online

Lecturer: Cristina Moreno Almeida, King's College London