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  • poland-flag-1591617132t3v The Polish Presidential Election 2020: which role does far-right politics (not) play? 2. juli 2020 09:10

    In less than two weeks, and amid much turbulence, Poland will choose its next President. Far-right politics plays a complex role in the election. While incumbent Andrzej Duda adopted strong anti-LGBTQI stances in the first round, the run-off seems to become framed as a broader contest over voters of far-right challenger Konfederacja. For the liberal opposition such strategy might nonetheless turn out to be double-edged. The stakes are high, as the outcome of the close race between Duda and his pluralist challenger Rafał Trzaskowski can mark a turning point for liberal democracy in Poland.

  • ssb-2 New discussion paper: Modeling R&D spillovers to productivity. The effects of tax policy 1. juli 2020 11:57

    More R&D spending in Norway leads to higher productivity as firms improve their capacity to learn from other domestic firms as well as from firms in other countries. As a result, GDP, real wages and consumption will increase in the long run.

  • norsk-familiepolitikk-660 – Norsk familiepolitikk har blitt mindre konfliktfylt 27. juni 2020 13:43

    Fedrekvote og kontantstøtte kan framleis skape samfunnsdebatt, men i langt mindre grad enn før, ifølgje ei ny bok.