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  • Image may contain: Glasses, Face, Forehead, Glasses, Smile. First Osiris PhD thesis accepted for public defense 28. sep. 2022 13:38

    Lars Wenaas is the first Osiris PhD candidate to submit his doctoral thesis. The thesis looks at the effects of open access. The public defense will take place at the University of Oslo on 11 November 2022.

  • Image may contain: Outerwear, Cheek, Smile, Chin, Eyebrow. About the PhD project: Frauke Rohden 16. sep. 2022 10:24

    Frauke Rohden, PhD candidate at TIK and part of the OSIRIS team, is in the final stages of her PhD work. In her thesis she looks at the role of informal science-oriented online activities for the diffusion, understanding, and use of scientific knowledge. We decided to ask Frauke some questions about her project.

  • Bildet kan inneholde: dagtid, grønn, verden, motorkjøretøy, font. Kenneth Bo Nielsen om Erik Solheim og den store norske India-debatten 15. sep. 2022 10:54

    - Hva man enn måtte mene om Solheims kronikk, så fikk han med den plutselig åpnet et mulighetsrom for en ganske omfattende, energisk og forskningsbasert offentlig diskusjon om hvordan man skal forstå India i dag, skriver Kenneth Bo Nielsen.


  • Bildet kan inneholde: person, klær, hår, kinn, leppe. Disputas: Charline Kopf 30. sep. 2022 10:15

    M.Phil Charline Kopf ved Sosialantropologisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d: Dakar-Bamako: Waiting for a train ride back to the future

  • Bildet kan inneholde: kinn, øyenbryn, øye, nakke, øyevipper. Disputas: Natalia Moen-Larsen 30. sep. 2022 10:30

    Master i sosiologi Natalia Moen-Larsen vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d. (philosophiae doctor) ved Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi.

    Brothers and Barbarians: The social construction of ‘refugees’ in Russian newspapers, 2014–2015

  • Bildet kan inneholde: dame, hår, smil. Disputas: Kristianne Stigsdatter Ovenstad 30. sep. 2022 12:15

    Cand. Psychol. Kristianne Stigsdatter Ovenstad vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden Ph.D:

    Youths’ Alliance, Involvement Behaviors, and Therapists’ Alliance-building: A Process-Outcome Study of Youths Receiving Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • Image may contain: Person, Forehead, Nose, Face, Cheek. PhD on how policy interventions may not ultimately have the intended effect 30. sep. 2022 14:15

    M.Phil. in Economics Tora Kjærnes Knutsen at Department of Economics will defend the thesis "Three essays in empirical labor and political economics" for the Ph.D degree.

  • Citizen from Hell: An autoethnographic intervention 3. okt. 2022 10:30

    Brit Ross Winthereik visits TIK to discuss her chapter on "The Citizen from Hell" – the kind of citizen we sometimes become in digitized state-public meetings.

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