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The Executive Board


The executive board is the departments highest decision-making body. The group decides the department's policies, priorities and strategies.

The head of the department is the chairperson of the board and prepares the matters to be dealt with. The administrative head of department is the board's secretary.

All the meetings of the executive board er open.

The board exercises its responsibilities based upon resolutions made by the University Board and the Faculty Board and within the laws and regulations that are valid at the time.

The matters passed by the board are regulated by the department's management and administration regulations.

The board is responsible for

  • The annual plan and the budget.
  • The principal plans, principles and priorities for the department, such as, for example, the department's strategic plan and academic priorities.
  • The accounts and annual report
  • Internal organisation
  • Recruitment of the head of department and academic positions. The final recruitment decision is made by the Faculty board, which has responsibility for recruitment.


Election to the executive board

Permanent members of staff elect their representatives for four year periods. The representatives for student sand temporary staff are elected each year.

External representatives are appointed for a period of four years by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the department executive board.

Members 2016-2019

Representatives Full Deputy
Head of department Katrine Fangen No deputy
Deputy head of department Kristian Stokke No deputy
Representative for permanent academic staff Anne Lise Ellingsæter

David Jordhus-Lier
Torbjørn Skardhamar

Grete Brochmann 
Inger Furseth 
Jemima García-Godos
Hege Merethe Knutsen
Marianne Nordli Hansen
Willy Pedersen
Representantative for temporary academic staff (2018) Synneva Geithus Laastad

Are Skei Hermansen

Maren Toft

Representative for administrative/technical staff Maren Ringstad Brita Langeid
Matthew Rix Whiting
Student representative for department's programmes (Autumn 2013)  Kristin Jensen (sociology)

 Lina Helene Elgin (human geography)

Student representative for interdisciplinary programmes (Autumn 2013)  Thea Kleiven (OLA)

Nina Hvambsahl Michalsen (UTV)

 Ivar Østby Simonsen (KULKOM)


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