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Published Sep. 22, 2022 3:04 PM

The interplay between science and society takes place through a wide range of intertwined relationships and mutual influences that shape each other and facilitate continuous knowledge flows. Stylised consequentialist perspectives on valuable knowledge moving from public science to society in linear and recursive pathways, whilst informative, cannot fully capture the broad spectrum of value creation possibilities, write OSIRIS researcher Richard Woolley and colleagues. 

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Publisert 2. sep. 2022 13:00

Learning and accountability are customarily defined as ‘the dual purpose’ of development aid evaluation, yet this notion is contested. Based on an overview of the existing literature, Hilde Reinertsen, Kristian Bjørkdahl and Desmind McNeill identify four ideal type positions in this debate: (1) accountability and learning are complementary objectives, (2) there is a reconcilable tension, (3) there are problematic trade-offs and (4) the two are irreconcilable. 

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Published Aug. 15, 2022 1:31 PM

In this paper, OSIRIS researcher Arvid Raknerud and Øivind A. Nilsen, investigate firm dynamics in the period before, during, and after an event consisting of a first published patent application. The analysis is based on patent data from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office merged with data from several business registers covering a period of almost 20 years.

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Publisert 15. aug. 2022 12:27

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a total digital disruption of all activities at universities. New digital tools and arenas replaced the daily physical interactions between students and professors. How did this affect motivation and learning outcomes?

This article, by Ida Poppe and Lars Erik Kjekshus, uses the pandemic as a prism to understand how and why social relations and interaction are important in the educational system. Published in Current Psychology.