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Publisert 19. mai 2022 14:01

Managers of street-level organizations play an important role in the successful implementation of public reforms. A prevailing view within the public administration literature is that this work involves the adaptation between reforms and local contexts, where divergence is viewed as a form of resistance to change. This article, by Lars Klemsdal and colueagues, challenges this prevalent reform-centric view by introducing a situation-centric perspective and coining the concept of situational work as a significant form of managerial work during implementation. Published in Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

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Publisert 16. mai 2022 10:17

Protective security management aims at protecting against malicious acts. It has, in a relatively short period, undergone substantial changes. One such change is the introduction of risk management. This article by Anne Heyerdahl investigates a debate about a standard for security risk assessment (SRA) in Norway. Published in European Security. 

Geoforum i rød skrift på hvit bakgrunn
Publisert 5. mai 2022 16:20

Simulation games are increasingly popular tools for opening up future imaginaries, especially in the arena of sustainability policy-making and decision support. However, there is a lack of understanding regarding the potential power of games in anticipatory governance. Manjana Milkoreit and co-writers explore this in new article in Geoforum.

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Publisert 19. apr. 2022 13:12

This article by Michael Gentile and Martin Kragh contributes to the growing literature on how authoritarian regimes deploy disinformation and conspiracy theories to achieve foreign policy goals. While the effectiveness of these measures is disputed, their study—which is based on a rarely occurring natural experiment—makes an empirical contribution in this direction. Published in International Affairs.