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Picture of Sofie Kjernli-Wijnen Kjernli-Wijnen, Sofie Adviser +47 22854265 Study administration, admission master, Teaching schedule
Picture of Siri Hagen  Kjoelaas Kjoelaas, Siri Hagen PhD candidate
Picture of Hannah Løke Kjos Kjos, Hannah Løke Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lise Kjølsrød Kjølsrød, Lise Professor Emeritus Sociology
Picture of Jan Erling Klausen Klausen, Jan Erling Associate Professor +47 22855191 +4798605012
Picture of Felix Anker Klein Klein, Felix Anker +47 22845204 Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Thomas Haarklau Kleppestø Kleppestø, Thomas Haarklau Personality psychology, Evolutionary psychology, Philosophy
Picture of Thanh Thi Duong Kleven Kleven, Thanh Thi Duong Senior Executive Officer +47 22856270
Klaas, Franziska Doctoral Research Fellow Anthropology of Toxicity, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Environmental Anthropology, Regulation, Science and Technology Studies
Picture of Carl Henrik Knutsen Knutsen, Carl Henrik Professor +47 22854244 Comparative Politics, Democracy, democratization, Dictatorship, Economic growth and development
Picture of Hege Merete Knutsen Knutsen, Hege Merete Professor +47 22855952 +47 41500855 Human Geography
Picture of Tora Kjærnes Knutsen Knutsen, Tora Kjærnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kristoffer Kolltveit Kolltveit, Kristoffer Associate Professor +47 22855604 41 52 10 52 OPA, Sentralforvaltningen, Post-NPM, Nordic, Forvaltningspolitikk
Picture of Jostein Peter Eikrem Koløen Koløen, Jostein Peter Eikrem Administrative Manager +47 22854288 International administrative coordinator
Picture of Alina Kontareva Kontareva, Alina Innovation
Picture of Charline Kopf Kopf, Charline Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Maren Cecilie Gunnulfsen  Kopland Kopland, Maren Cecilie Gunnulfsen PhD candidate 32 74 88 59
Picture of Maria Stylianou Korsnes Korsnes, Maria Stylianou Adjunct Professor Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology
Picture of Sonja Kovacevic Kovacevic, Sonja Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Growth and Development
Picture of Michal Kozák Kozák, Michal Postdoctoral Fellow Sociology, Statistics, Methods
Picture of Pål Kraft Kraft, Pål Professor +47 22845183 +47 41649258 Social Psychology
Picture of Kasper Kragh-Sørensen Kragh-Sørensen, Kasper Assistant Professor +47 22858825 Macroeconomics, Economics, Taxation, Money Credit and Finance, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Jana Krause Krause, Jana Associate Professor Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Picture of Øystein Kravdal Kravdal, Øystein Professor +47 22855158 Demography, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Anne-Kathrin Kreft Kreft, Anne-Kathrin Postdoctoral Fellow Conflict, Violence, Gender, Civil society