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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jabbari, Azar Senior engineer +47-22845014 ICT
Picture of Sana Jafri Jafri, Sana Senior Executive Officer
Jareid, Marie Støren PhD candidate
Jareid, Rose Marie PhD candidate
Picture of Tine Jensen Jensen, Tine Professor +47 22845222 Clinical psychology
Picture of Francesca Refsum Jensenius Jensenius, Francesca Refsum Professor +47 22842060 Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, Elections, India, Latin America, Research Methods
Picture of Sigrid Jerpstad Jerpstad, Sigrid PhD candidate +4795089428 Human Geography, Urban development, Transformation
Picture of Reidar Schei Jessen Jessen, Reidar Schei Postdoctoral Fellow Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Qualitative Methods
Picture of Beatrice Johannessen Johannessen, Beatrice Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anna Kristine Johansen Johansen, Anna Kristine Doctoral Research Fellow +4741045630
Picture of Heidi Johansen-Berg Johansen-Berg, Heidi Professor II +44 (0)1865 222548 Cognitive psychology, Neuroscience
Picture of Rosanna Nancy Isabelle Johed Johed, Rosanna Nancy Isabelle Doctoral Research Fellow Health policy, Economics
Picture of Unni Johns Johns, Unni Clinical psychology
Picture of Ingrid Helene Johnsen Johnsen, Ingrid Helene Adviser +47 22841603
Picture of Sverre Urnes Johnson Johnson, Sverre Urnes Associate Professor +47 22845295 Clinical psychology and personality psychology
Picture of Guri Natalie Jordbakke Jordbakke, Guri Natalie PhD Candidate 41477604
Picture of David Jordhus-Lier Jordhus-Lier, David Professor +47 22854807 +47 93038325 Human Geography
Picture of Jens Jungblut Jungblut, Jens Associate Professor +47-22856258 Public Policy and Administration, Organisation Theory, Neo-institutionalism, Party Politics, Higher Education Policy, Research policy
Picture of Nina M. Junker Junker, Nina M. Associate Professor Work and organisational psychology
Picture of Anders Ravik Jupskås Jupskås, Anders Ravik Deputy Director +47-22857642 Comparative Politics, Right-wing Extremism, Populism, Elections, Political Parties
Picture of Ruth Eva Jørgensen Jørgensen, Ruth Eva Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41085511 Sociology, Inequality, Demography, Quantitative methods
Picture of Heemin Kang Kang, Heemin Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive neuroscience, Clinical neuropsychology, Open Science
Picture of Valerie Karl Karl, Valerie Doctoral Research Fellow Emotions, emotion development, adolescence, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging
Picture of Beate Karlsen Karlsen, Beate Associate Professor
Kartushina, Natalia Associate Professor +47 22845021 Developmental psychology, Neuropsychology, language