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Picture of Mohamed  Hazza Hazza, Mohamed Head Engineer +47 22 85 51 24 Innkjøp, IT-drift
Picture of Maren Holthe Hedne Hedne, Maren Holthe Doctoral Research Fellow Economics, Resources Energy and Environment, Political Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Inequality
Picture of Kristine Berg Heggelund Heggelund, Kristine Berg Senior Executive Officer +47 22845811
Picture of Torje Meyer Hegna Hegna, Torje Meyer Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics, Finance, Industrial Organization, Economic history
Picture of Kirsten Hegsvold Hegsvold, Kirsten PhD candidate
Picture of Knut Martin Heidar Heidar, Knut Martin Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Norwegian Political History
Picture of Knut Ward Heimdal Heimdal, Knut Ward Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erkki Heinonen Heinonen, Erkki Associate Professor Clinical psychology
Picture of Yngve Solli Heiret Heiret, Yngve Solli Doctoral Research Fellow Human Geography, Welfare State, Historical materialism, State and market, Neoliberalism, Climate change, Uneven development, Renewable energy
Picture of Anna Nordnes Helgøy Helgøy, Anna Nordnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ottar Hellevik Hellevik, Ottar Comparative Politics, Methodology, Values, Quality of life, Inequality, Public Opinion
Picture of Marieke A. Helmich Helmich, Marieke A. Postdoctoral research fellow Psychopathology, psychotherapy, dynamical systems, ecological momentary assessment (EMA), intensive longitudinal data, time series, data analysis, Complex Systems, Affect, idiographic research, symptom change
Picture of Tore Helstrup Helstrup, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22845141 Emeritus
Henriksen, Espen Associate Professor
Picture of Kari Henriksen Henriksen, Kari Senior Adviser +47 22858822 +47 99788985
Picture of Are Skeie Hermansen Hermansen, Are Skeie Associate Professor +47 22844715 +47 48186012
Picture of Tone Kristine Hermansen Hermansen, Tone Kristine Postdoctoral Fellow Developmental psychology, Cognitive psychology, Social Psychology
Herstad, Sverre Johan Professor +47 22855170 +47 91 64 95 96
Picture of Jan Hesselberg Hesselberg, Jan Professor emeritus Human Geography
Picture of Jan Ole Hesselberg Hesselberg, Jan Ole PhD candidate
Picture of Iselin Hewitt Hewitt, Iselin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858608
Picture of Anne Heyerdahl Heyerdahl, Anne Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850503 +47 99160461
Picture of Solveig Hillesund Hillesund, Solveig Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Civil war, Nonviolent conflict, Inequality, Quantitative methods
Hjelle, Karoline Blix Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ida Hjelmesæth Hjelmesæth , Ida Administrative Director + 47 22 85 87 01 administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial management, Budget, Strategy, Research administration, annual plan