ARENA Reports

The ARENA report series consists of proceedings from workshops or conferences, project reports, and PhD and master theses.

Please email, with your postal address as well as the number and title of the desired report, and we will send it to you free of charge.

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In this report, Elena Escalante Block examines when and how state aid cases become politicised or depoliticised in the EU's system of Multilevel Governance. More specifically, it demonstrates how state-aid cases can serve as ‘trigger moments’ in the politicisation/depoliticisation and legitimation/delegitimation of the European Union.

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This report edited by Antonio Zotti looks at the legal frameworks underlying the immigration policies of six Schengen countries in order to grasp how different traditions, practices and priorities cooperate and diverge within the emerging EU Migration System of Governance.

In this report, Lea Augenstein investigates the concept of global justice as mutual recognition from a postcolonial perspective, and argues that recognising others is never a neutral or unbiased process and is therefore insufficient in bringing about the justice it promises. 

In this report, Joachim Vigrestad identifies the institutional structure of EU's trade and sustainable development chapters and asks what principles of global political justice the EU is applying when promoting its trade and sustainable development agenda.