ARENA Reports

The ARENA report series consists of proceedings from workshops or conferences, project reports, and PhD and master theses.

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In this report, Lea Augenstein investigates the concept of global justice as mutual recognition from a postcolonial perspective, and argues that recognising others is never a neutral or unbiased process and is therefore insufficient in bringing about the justice it promises. 

In this report, Joachim Vigrestad identifies the institutional structure of EU's trade and sustainable development chapters and asks what principles of global political justice the EU is applying when promoting its trade and sustainable development agenda. 

In this ARENA report, Martin Moland investigates the long-term effects of the Eurozone crisis on EU legitimacy in austerity countries.

Eirik Tegle Stenstad aims to uncover the decision-making logic behind the evolution of the EU financial stability framework in this ARENA report.

Stein Arne Brekke analyses the effects of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) in this report. He presents a thorough quantitative study of the convergence of European asylum recognition rates.

This report edited by Enrico Fassi and Sonia Lucarelli provides a preliminary insight into the EU’s migration policies by examining concepts and understandings as well as their actual application in a set of national cases.

Erle Inderhaug belyser EUs likestillingspolitikk gjennom en casestudie av den politiske prosessen knyttet til direktivforslaget for å forbedre kjønnsbalansen i bedriftsstyrer i denne rapporten.

In this report, Eilev Hegstad analyses expert advice in decision-making dealing with ethical questions through a study of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies' work in the field of animal cloning for food supply.

Denne rapporten av Astrid Lie Olsen tar for seg den norske sentralforvaltningens deltakelse i internasjonale nettverk med særlig fokus på hvorfor nordisk nettverksdeltakelse opprettholdes på fagområder der det finnes EU-nettverk.

This ARENA report written by Veronica Thun analyses the European Commission's conceptualisation of EU citizenship.  

In this report, Nina M. Vestlund studies the decision behaviour within an emerging multilevel EU administration, and finds that decision-making in the system is becoming increasingly normalized and centralized.

In this report (in Swedish), Linn Tomasdotter analyses the interaction between the regional and European level in the implementation of 'smart specialisation', an EU strategy for science and innovation at the regional level.

In this report, Guri Rosén analyses how the European Parliament has gradually increased its influence in the field of EU foreign and security policy.

In this report, John Todd analyses how the British discourse on Europe has evolved over the past forty years, culminating with Cameron's commitment to hold a referendum on EU membership should his part win the upcoming general election in May.

John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menendez are the editors of a new ARENA report on the crisis. The report is based on the workshop ‘Europe in crisis, Europe as the crisis?’, which took place in Oslo last spring.

Cathrine Holst is the editor of a new ARENA report on Expertise and Democracy. The report is based on the kick-off conference of the EPISTO project, which took place in Oslo last spring.