ReNewGrowth - Conditions for growth in renewable energy industries (completed)

RENEWGROWTH will study conditions for growth in Norwegian renewable energy industries linked to the opportunities presented by rapid development in international markets.

About the project

The energy transition and increased global investments in renewable energy present large opportunities for Norwegian firms. Several Norwegian firms have established themselves within the fields of offshore wind and solar energy, to some extent drawing on knowledge and resources from established industries. The challenge is to move beyond a nascent stage and achieve significant growth in new renewable energy industries in Norway.

Growth does not only depend on the development of the specific technologies. It also depends on how these become integrated in the broader society and economy. Renewgrowth analyses conditions for growth of renewable energy industries, with a focus on industrial and geographical dimensions. We analyze industrial conditions by looking at how established industrial competences and resources can contribute to development of new industries. As part of this, we analyze the opportunities and challenges involved in using and transforming knowledge, resources and technology from established industries in new niches. Second, the project analyses how industry growth can occur by linking up with markets and technology development globally. Renewgrowth will not only analyse how conditions for growth differ across industries, but also across different part of the industries. The project contributes with new knowledge on how green industrial development occurs, as part of a transition to sustainability.

The project is led by TIK Center for technology, innovation and culture at the University of Oslo in collaboration with researchers at Utrecht University and SINTEF Technology and Society.  In addition to scientific and popular dissemination, the project will produce a strategy manual with suggestions for how firms and other stakeholders may improve strategies for industry development and linking up with international markets. Finally, the project will establish an industry forum to discuss issues with firms and other decision makers, in collaboration with the industry association Norwegian Energy Partners.

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  • Generate knowledge on political and industrial conditions for growth
  • Develop knowledge on opportunities for transnational linkages in terms of access to international markets and knowledge
  • Contribute conceptually and empirically to development of the technological innovation system approach
  • Develop conceptual model/conceptual framework that creates a methodology for integrated analysis of TIS in context
  • Disseminate and communicate results to relevant stakeholder - firms, research, policy makers and NGOs by establishing a technology and industry forum - to provide stakeholders with resources to create growth in RETs in Norway


ENERGIX (The Research Council of Norway)


SINTEF Technology and Society

Utrecht University

Norwegian Energy Partners

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